July 29, 2021

Ryanair dismisses the six crew members who denounced their working conditions with a false photo | Economy

Ryanair dismisses the six crew members who denounced their working conditions with a false photo | Economy

Ryanair has fired six crew members based in Portugal who starred a photograph sleeping at the Malaga airport after the detours caused by Hurricane Leslie on October 13. The airline had denounced that it was only a montage thanks to the images of the aerodrome's security cameras.

The airline has justified the dismissal because the image, which went viral through social networks and spread as real in the media, "damaged the reputation of the company," which has caused "an irreparable breach of confidence." "of the six crew involved.

For its part, the Spanish union of TCP Sitcpla has denounced that it is "a new violation of any fundamental right, not only as members of a union or as cabin crew or workers, but also as citizens.

Union complaint

"Ryanair believes that she was harmed by the publication of that photograph, when it was only a sign of the sense of justified indignation of the crew members," said Luciana Passo, head of the cabin crew union SNPVAC in Portugal. .

The unions, which will appeal judicial dismissals, point out that the crews only returned to Oporto the next day "without adequate rest, without sleeping at all," and that on the flight back to Portugal, they were denied snacks and refreshments.

Last October 15, the USO union posted on Twitter a photo of a group of cabin crew of the company sleeping on the floor of Malaga airport, after being affected their flights to Portugal by the storm Leslie. The photo soon ran like wildfire on social networks, as a sample of the company's labor policy. However, Ryanair broadcast a video two days later, also via Twitter, which showed that this photo was a staging made by the workers, and not from a real situation.

The unions recognized that, in effect, photography was a "visual staging", but they insisted on the painful conditions in which the workers had to spend the night. As a result, 24 crew members (16 crew and eight pilots) slept 13 hours in the crew room, as the company did not provide them with accommodation, so they made "their minimum rest in those conditions."


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