February 27, 2021

Ryanair consummates the closure of its bases in the Canary Islands in a “catholic” day – La Provincia

Irish airlineRyanair has consummated this Wednesday theclosure of its bases in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote in a “chaotic” day in which the dismissal letter has not yet been delivered to the workers.

This is exposed to Europa Press by the Secretary of the Organization of USO and cabin crew of the Tenerife South airport, Jairo Gonzalo, who has described the “chaos and misinformation” experienced at the company’s bases “until the last moment”.

In that line, he points out that according to the employment contract,dismissal letters must be sent to workers one month in advance, and apart from that, some workers are being given in their bank accounts certain amounts that “correspond to compensation” but also “with amounts that do not add up.”

In each base there is a legal representative of the company to manage the dismantling and the workers have been given a memorandum that includes that at 17.00 on Wednesday they must deliver the credentials, uniforms and sales terminals. They have also been informed that the‘settlement’they will be delivered on the 28th. “That a multinational such as Ryanair, with 400 operating planes and 10,000 workers, is not able to manage a dismissal in three Canary Islands bases, is illogical with the resources that the company moves,” he added.

Low relocation of the template

Gonzalo has confirmed that this Wednesday there are no flights from the company of the islands and only personnel on duty have been mobilized. About the situation of the almost300 workers affected in the archipelagoHe pointed out that a quarter of the pilots can be relocated and only a dozen cabin crew, who are also not compensated and the company only pays them a plane ticket and covers the cost of two suitcases, without financial support for family members and when they have to undertake transfers to Dublin or Bergamo.“The rest goes to unemployment starting tomorrow”, has commented.

Regarding the possible intermediation of theCanary GovernmentHe said that next Monday they have a meeting with theDeputy Minister of Employment, Gustavo Santana, in order to set up new training itineraries that allow the reintegration of affected workers into employment.


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