Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Ryanair believes it will not fly again until June due to coronavirus

Ryanair believes that you will not be able to fly before next June, although it has qualified that this will depend on the directives that the governments establish before the crisis of the coronavirus.

In a letter to his clients, Michael O’Leary, who heads Ryanair’s company holding company, has argued that no one knows how long this crisis will last, but that experience in China suggests a three-month period to contain and reduce the spread of the virus.

As of midnight today, almost his entire fleet of planes will be grounded, although a few days ago he specified that, for the time being, he will maintain a reduced number of flights between Ireland and the United Kingdom.


“Like all pandemics, this crisis will pass,” says O’Leary

“Although the immediate future is uncertain, it is important to remember that, like all pandemics, this crisis will pass,” said O’Leary, who last week announced that he would cut his and his workers’ wages in half because of the crisis.

Across Europe, governments have imposed unprecedented restrictions on the movement of citizens, which also include flight bans except for some intended for the repatriation and rescue of citizens.

Michael O'Leary, in a recent image

Michael O’Leary, in a recent image

The company, which announced that the majority of its aircraft will remain on the ground from this Tuesday, has offered to all the governments of the European Union its help both to carry out rescue flights and to operate essential flights for the movement of vital medicines, equipment personal protection and, if necessary, emergency food supplies.

“Rest assured that we and the 18,000 aviation professionals of the Ryanair Airline Group will do everything possible to support our governments, our people and our customers in these unprecedented times,” he insisted.


The company will offer alternatives to those who have a ticket

For passengers whose flight has been canceled as a result of these closings, O’Leary has explained that they will receive an email explaining their options for the next week or two and has insisted that they “do not call” the phone lines since the reduced personnel will only be able to attend to the most urgent cases, which in the coming days will be rescue flights.

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