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Rwanda | Television | THE COUNTRY

The best summary of the splendid series Black Earth Rising (Netflix) the poet Ángel González wrote it without knowing: "I close my eyes to see more deeply / and I feel / that they stab me cold, / justly, / with that old iron: the memory", because it is a long and painful journey of the protagonist, a hypnotic Michaela Coel, in search of her origins in the battered Rwanda, scene of one of the most terrible African genocides, the one of the Hutus against the Tutsis in 1994 and her nearly one million dead in three months of ethnic extermination.

Coel works in London at the office of a human rights defender, an extraordinary John Goodman, a friend of his adoptive mother, also a lawyer, Eve Ashby, who rescued her as a child of the Rwandan massacre and who prosecutes in the International Court of Justice. The Hague to those responsible for the killings.

A long journey in which a series of dramatic events will unveil various plots of corruption in which greed and power are the masters of the house, the inheritance received from an implacable Western colonialism faced by a group of lawyers and volunteers of NGOs, so often insulted by those who "close their eyes", but not to see deeper.

The series – eight chapters of an hour each – shows openly the terrible reality of a country trying to overcome its dramatic past. but he does it with talent and sensitivity, without morbidly gloating over tragedies, that is, the opposite of Spanish television news programs capable of extending the misery of the human condition to the unimaginable for the sake of a desired audience.


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