Ruth Lorenzo's monumental anger in the Benidorm Fest final

Ruth Lorenzo's monumental anger in the Benidorm Fest final

Camela was singing on stage while Ruth Lorenzo was visibly angry about what had just happened in the Benidorm Fest final. The presenter's nervousness was evident: She shook her head indignantly, looked from side to side and ignored the 'Tears of Love' that the Spanish group was chanting in the background.

The performance of the artist Almácor had technical incidents and this outraged the presenter. "This shit can't be happening" the singer shouted, being aware of the technical deficiencies in Almácor's performance. The singer's team asked for it to be repeated and the Valencian artist's annoyance was also undoubted, but the program decided to deny his proposal and that the presenters were the ones who granted their apologies to the public.

The apologies were met with shouts and boos. "Let him repeat it!" the public cheered in protest. Both Ruth Lorenzo and her partner Marc Calderó asked for calm. The audience went even further by announcing that the program was going to continue without the repetition of Almácor's performance, to the point that the presenter asked that they please stop. "respect the rest of the artists".

After this altercation, the singer approached the Valencian artist to exchange a few words and returned to the audience, reproducing the same angry gestures that she had previously made.

In a matter of minutes, the video of Ruth Lorenzo's anger spread among Internet users and fans of the festival on social networks. Most of the comments supported the singer's attitude and condemned the program's technical failures.