Ruta Siete consolidates at the University of Las Palmas - La Provincia

Route Seven ULPGC, a program that connects young talent with Sustainable Development Goals from United Nations that identify the needs of the world, celebrated the official closing of his ninth edition on Friday, October 18, at 5:30 p.m., in the April 26 Chamber of the Rectorship of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The event was attended by the Vice Chancellor for Culture and Society, Pine Quintana Montesdeoca; the manager of the Las Palmas University Foundation, Eduardo Manrique de Lara; Director of BBVA institutions in the Canary Islands, Salvador Raya; and the program director, Juan Serantes. Also present at the event were the participants in the transformative journey who shared their experience, as well as sponsors and collaborators.

During the closing of the program, the Vice Chancellor for Culture and Society highlighted the value of Ruta Siete ULPGC for change as a driving force not only during the trip, but with the synergies that the participants generate after it "the valuable thing about this initiative is that it's not just a summer, but it expands and multiplies throughout the year, "Quintana said.

Along the same lines, the director of BBVA Institutions in the Canary Islands, Salvador Raya, showed his pride in supporting Ruta Siete ULPGC and affirmed that "the values ​​acquired in Ruta Siete ULPGC as solidarity and justice and the disposition of the participants of putting their talents at the service of the community are key to generating ideas to transform the world. "

Edition after edition Route Seven continues to grow as stated by its technical director, Juan Serantes, who explained that "the merit lies in the effort put into the work of volunteering the 45 participants. These young people are inspired and motivated among themselves to leave the best of themselves during the trip. "

The manager of the Las Palmas University Foundation, Eduardo Manrique de Lara, pointed out the importance of the learning that the participants have lived and invited them to take full advantage of this experience and the opportunities that it entails.

The participants, through videos and anecdotes, explained how they lived in community the 35 days that this program lasted, insisting that the lessons learned have empowered them and equipped with tools to contribute positively in their closest environment. They also consider that the trip has helped them to rediscover themselves and learn skills such as teamwork, conflict resolution, commitment or initiative, among others.

Ruta Siete ULPGC is recognized as a high performance training in social entrepreneurship, personal development and soft skills training, where positive change actions are led, collaborating with the municipalities in environmental, social and cultural activities and knowing the Canary Islands from another point of view .

The program is organized by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and has the backing of the Las Palmas University Foundation. It is a responsible-funded initiative that has the support of BBVA and Naviera Armas as main sponsors, Global and Radio Television Canaria as official sponsors and with the Toyota Canarias partner-collaborator. Different companies, groups and entities are also promoting the initiative.


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