Russian Oligarch Petr Aver Says He Can't Pay Bills After Sanctions: 'I Don't Know How To Survive'

Updated: 03/27/2022 20:49h
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A sanctioned Russian oligarch has said he is struggling to pay the bills and is unsure if he can hire a cleaner or a driver.

In an interview with the '
Financial Times
' published on Friday, Petr Aven, whose wealth 'Bloomberg' estimates at around 5.6 billion, said: "We don't understand how to survive."

In the interview, Aven also asked, "Will they let me have a cleaner or a driver?" He also added, "I don't drive, maybe my stepdaughter does."

Aven was first sanctioned by the EU on February 28 and after being described as "one of the oligarchs closest to Vladimir Putin". On March 15, he too came under UK sanctions for his complicity in the invasion, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said at the time.

In early March, Aven resigned from the $22 billion investment firm LetterOne, which he co-founded with Mikhail Fridman, another Russian oligarch who owns Día supermarkets and has also been sanctioned. The two billionaires also resigned from their management positions at the Russian banking company Alfa-Bank days after the EU sanctioned them.

The sanctions meant Aven's assets were frozen and he was banned from doing business and traveling to the EU and UK. “Our business is completely destroyed. Everything we've been building for 30 years is now completely ruined. And somehow we have to start a new life," Aven told the Financial Times.

Aven said his wife went to ATMs in London to withdraw as much money as possible before the EU sanctions kicked in. The billionaire told the 'FT' that the sanctions on Russian oligarchs were "understandable" but "not fair”.

Aven said he does not own a yacht or private jet, which could be subject to penalties. Other Russian oligarchs have had their ships and planes seized. Among them a $75 million superyacht linked to Dmitry Pumpyanskyy and another $120 million linked to Igor Sechin.

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