Russia-Ukraine War | This is how you can help Ukrainians from Spain: donations, food collection points and volunteers

When the first seven days have elapsed since Russia began its offensive Ukrainian population continues to resist under the roar of bombing and the advance of the battle tanks. Terror has spread throughout the country, which day after day tries to repel the pressure of the troops of Vladimir Putinand its citizens have made a calling abroad for help and material in order to strengthen its health services.

In addition, the war has so far caused over half a million refugeeswho, with only a suitcase in their hands, fled their homes and left their lives behind in order to be safe with their families, far from the fear that exists on the Ukrainian streets.

The more than 112,000 Ukrainians living in Spain have organized to send the necessary material to their families and loved ones who have stayed in Ukraine. Anguish and uncertainty take over these people who try to find the fastest way to help their family and friends from 3,800 kilometers away.

Some have chosen to fill the tanks of their cars and undertake a trip of about 36 hours to try to save their relatives. Others, on the other hand, have contacted different associations and NGOs to build more efficient aid bridges. However, not only Ukrainian citizens are collaborating. Many Spanish citizens and other nationalities are also doing their bit.

Ways to help Ukraine from Spain


The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) anticipate that up to five million Ukrainians could flee the country in the coming days, the majority bound for Poland, due to the offensive military unleashed by Russia.

The NGO has moved quickly to offer humanitarian aid to all the children of Ukraine and for this it has enabled this solidarity channel from which they can be made donations to save the lives of children in these times of so much uncertainty.

Save the Children

Save the Children has been operating in Ukraine since 2014 working with the most vulnerable Ukrainian children, even in the most dangerous regions of the country: in Donetsk and Lugansk (Donbas). After the outbreak of the war, the entity's priority is to protect and guarantee support for children and their families at all times, as well as has opened a website to raise funds that allow to help the minors of this country.

Spanish Red Cross

The Spanish Red Cross has opened a fundraising campaign to help people affected by the Ukraine crisis. You can donate at this link.

On the other hand, if contact with relatives in Ukraine has been lost, a form to help restore or maintain contact between people separated from their family membersone of the lines of action of the Red Cross in the face of armed conflict, natural disaster or migration. The form can be accessed here.


UNHCR works with the authorities, the UN and other partners in Ukraine and is ready to provide humanitarian assistance when needed. For this, you have to ensure safety and access for humanitarian work. The high commissioner requests all the help available to him to collaborate with this situation, donating in the following link.

Other humanitarian organizations

The Ukrainians themselves have created, in recent days, a list of humanitarian aid organizations to Ukraine through which people affected by this war can be helped.

  • United Help Ukraine receives and distributes donations, food, and medical supplies to internally displaced Ukrainians, anyone affected by the conflict, and families of wounded or dead soldiers. You can make a donation here.
  • New Ukraine it provides the Ukrainian population with everything from baby food and hygiene products, to clothing and household supplies. To make a donation here.
  • people in need provides aid to more than 200,000 people on the ground. Those most in need receive packages of food, shelter, drinking water, hygiene items and coal for heating. donations are made here.
  • The Ukrainian Red Cross It does a lot of humanitarian work, from helping refugees to training doctors. donations here.
  • International Medical Corps is on the front line and ready to help citizens with emergency health services, as well as mental health and psychosocial support. The donation can be made from here.
  • CARE International is responding to the crisis by providing Ukrainians in need with food, hygiene kits, psychosocial support services, access to water and access to cash. donation here.

Aid from different provinces

From Madrid

The Asociation Cultural Svitanokwhich means 'dawn' in Ukrainian, picks up in Madrid medicines and medical supplies to send to Ukrainian hospitals. The neighborhood communities of the capital of Spain have joined this initiative and in Villaverde, since last Saturday these collaborations have already begun to be welcomed.

Another point where we can put our grain of sand is in the number 8 of Méndez Álvaro street (Madrid), behind the Atocha station. There, ukramarket She collects food, warm clothing and medicine to send to refugees in Poland and Romania.

From Malaga

The Twitter user @viita15 reports a series of steps to help Ukraine from Malaga. "We are collecting immediate humanitarian aid materials."

Also in Malaga, in the neighborhood of Saint Julianon the first street on the right at the exit from the highway, Ukrainians collect medicine and food.

From Alicante

from the province of Alicante, the group Business Meetings He has launched the 'Help Ukraine' campaign to collect medicines, non-perishable food, optical material and clothing to be sent to the country. There are different established points in Altea, Alfaz del Pi, Benidorm, Callosa d'En Sarrià, Finestrat, La Nucia and Villajoyosa.

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