October 29, 2020

Russia questions US decision to leave WHO

By breaking with the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States damages cooperative relations in the field of health amid the critical situation caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, according to the Russian government.

“At this time, when the world needs to consolidate efforts in the fight against the pandemic, Washington strikes a blow to the foundations of legal interaction in the field of health,” the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry told reporters, María Zajárova, quoted by Interfax.

The representative of Russian diplomacy asked what the United States offers in exchange.

US President Donald Trump announced this Friday the “rupture” of his country’s relationship with the WHO in a pandemic.

According to Zajárova, the lamentable image of the American health system exposed by the pandemic “does not allow Washington to affirm that it leads this sphere.”

For his part, the head of the international relations committee of the Russian Senate, Konstantín Kósachev, affirmed that this decision by the White House is not a sign of leadership.

“Trump’s decision does not demonstrate an understanding of the risks or the responsibility. If global leadership means destroying one of the global institutions and an attempt to bring down the rest … then this is not global leadership. It is a paroxysm. One grimace. And a threat, “he wrote on his Facebook account.

Trump’s decision comes a month and a half after he temporarily frozen the funds that the United States contributes to the WHO and ten days after he threatened to withdraw from that organization, of which his country is the main donor.

Trump accuses the WHO of being “biased” in favor of China and of having mismanaged the health emergency of the new coronavirus, and on May 18, it gave that UN agency 30 days to undertake reforms that did not specified, or else it would permanently cut the funds to the institution.

Trump’s announcement is expected to mean the permanent suspension of almost all of the United States’ contribution to the organization, which includes the contribution of between 400 and 500 million dollars a year, approximately 15% of the total budget.

His announcement comes two days after the United States exceeded 100,000 coronavirus deaths, nearly a third of the world total.


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