Russia begins to develop an "anti-steroid" defense system

Russia begins to develop an "anti-steroid" defense system

Russia has begun to develop a anti-steroid defense system, informed the Russian space agency, Roscomos. "The Academy of Sciences of Russia and Roscomos have begun to develop a program forInvestigate and counteract threats from space: asteroids and fragments of cosmic rocks, "the agency said in a message from the social network Twitter.

At the same time, Roscosmos stressed that the space debris that orbits the Earth represents a greater danger to earthlings than meteorites or other celestial bodies.

A group of Russian scientists has proposed use RS-20 intercontinental ballistic rockets in the first stage for the creation of a planetary defense system.

"Among the many tasks that can be fulfilled with rockets and space technologies, the most important is the creation of a planetary defense system for prevent catastrophic collisions with the Earth of asteroids and nuclei of comets ", affirms in a report published the past day 18.

According to Russian scientists, it is not only necessary to develop all the components of the system, but also study the physical characteristics of celestial bodies that could represent a danger to the Earth with the help of smaller spacecraft.

"For its launch you can employ Dnieper carriers, a modified version of the RS-20 strategic rocket, which are relatively inexpensive and of proven reliability, "the statement added.

The authors of the report argue that this technology can be a "good complement and even an alternative to missions to asteroids and comets, which are expensive and long-lasting."


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