Runesson sweeps through the pines of Tamadaba – La Provincia

Runesson sweeps through the pines of Tamadaba - La Provincia

The Long Race of Tamadaba was marked on the roadmap of the participants of the Gran Canaria Orienteering Meeting (G-COM 2018) as the day of competition for several reasons: for the distance to be traveled, for the difficulty of the terrain and for the technical complications of the route. And there, in the middle of a Natural Park that shone in all its splendor -22 degrees on average during the morning of yesterday, the figure of Johan Runesson was erected as the man to beat the test.

The Swede, junior world champion in medium and long distance, took full advantage of his skills and the mistakes of others to win the third stage in the M21 category and stand on the last day of the competition as a leader in the queen class of the G-COM 2018. Runesson invested 57 minutes and 57 seconds to complete the 8.7 kilometers of the route. The Scandinavian was unrivaled in Tamadaba.

Scott Fraser, who had been the fastest in the labyrinthine streets of Puerto de Mogán during the day on Thursday, spent 10:06 more minutes than Runesson because of a technical error in the search for one of the beacons on the course, which deprived the Scot of his aspirations to proclaim himself champion of G-COM 2018.

He completed the podium of the day Lauri Syjäläinen. The Finn, far from Runesson and Fraser during the first two stages, signed in a time of 1:09:24. In his wake, in the classification of the day, appeared Jonny Donner (1:10:42) and Otto Sund (1:15:22). The first Spanish in Tamadaba within the category was Gastón Mora Madrid (1:37:49).

On the other hand, the stage of Tamadaba, within the F21 category, confirmed the evolution of Lone Karin Brochmann. The Norwegian, one of the highlights in last year's edition, avoided the third triumph in three days of Ausrine Kutkaite – the fastest in La Aldea de San Nicolás and in Puerto de Mogán. Brochmann completed the seven-kilometer circuit in one hour, eight minutes and 51 seconds. The Lithuanian stayed at three minutes and 13 seconds. Jennie Runesson completed the podium of the day (1:19:19).

The race for Tamadaba, which passed through an area of ​​dense undergrowth in some areas with a strong relief in some sections and technical parts with rocks and cuttings, did not disappoint anyone. The competitors, mostly from northern Europe, highlighted the good weather, were surprised by the beauty of the place, appreciated the quality of the maps and pointed out the complications generated by the needles along the way.


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