Runesson and Brochmann are crowned – The Province

Runesson and Brochmann are crowned - The Province

Johan Runesson and Lone Karin Brochmann were crowned as the best of the Gran Canaria Orienteering Meeting (G-COM 2018). The Swedish and the Norwegian won in the general classifications of the two queen categories of the race, M21 and F21 – respectively -, after five days of competition, training and conferences by four municipalities of the Island.

The test returned this Sunday to La Aldea de San Nicolás to close this year's edition with a planned day under the modality of urban sprint. And in the final stage, the one that closed the G-COM 2018, Runesson knew how to manage the advantage obtained over Scott Fraser, 24 hours before in Tamadaba, to proclaim himself champion.

Nicolas Simonin, shortly after landing in Gran Canaria to participate in the last day of G-COM 2018, was the fastest (15:03) in the last set and, in the wake of the Irish, by goal, paraded Scott Fraser ( 15:05), Arttu Syrjäläinen (15:20), Johan Runesson (15:27) and Andreas Höye (15:53).

With these results, the general classification in the M21 category proclaimed Runesson as the most regular runner. They completed the podium with the Swede, Junior World Champion in medium and long distance, Scottish Scott Fraser and Finnish Arttu Syrjäläinen.

"Today has been a good day, quiet, especially after the times of yesterday -for Saturday- in Tamadaba," Runesson explained at the La Aldea finish. There, the Swede praised the conditions of Gran Canaria to host a test like this in the middle of winter. "They are perfect," he stressed before adding that "it's like running in spring, which is the ideal season, here the temperature has been mild every day, it's a lovely place."

In the F21 category, Lone Karin Brochmann completed the comeback in La Aldea. If in the first two stages Ausrine Kutkaite was the best, the Norwegian was able to turn the classification in the last two days. Brochmann stopped the throne at 14:01, 32 seconds better than the Lithuanian and was one minute and six seconds faster than Jeannie Runesson. The three runners took, in that order, the podium in the general. Brochman was "happy" in goal after confirming his total triumph. "I was very clear that today, after the advantage I achieved in the previous day, the key was not to make mistakes and to regulate with the booty obtained the day before", with one wish: to return to Gran Canaria.

The winners of the G-COM 2018 is completed with 19 other champions: Amandine Cavarroc (F18), Maria Rush Tereza (F35), Lea Leppik (F45), Edit Daniel (F55), Bjorg Kocbach (F65), Kasper Hilo (M / F10), Mathias Grignard (M / F12), Jesper Donner (M / F14), Alec Le Helloco (M / F16), Gustav Aman (M18), Mark Heikoop (M21B), Olivier Guignard (M35), Sergey Makeychik (M45) ), Stefan Zihlmann (M55), Ilmars Limbens (M65), Christian Fiechter (M75 +), Rainer Kujala (OpenA) and Ulf Aman (OpenB).


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