July 27, 2021

Ruiz Barrachina defends himself from the accusation of fraud and denounces irregularities

Ruiz Barrachina defends himself from the accusation of fraud and denounces irregularities

The film director Emilio Ruiz Barrachina defended himself today from accusations of fraud by inflating box office data and thus access to subsidies and denounced "a process full of irregularities", which he blames the previous Government.

In an interview granted to Efe and another means to mark the completion of the filming in New York of his new film, "Broken Poet", Barrachina accuses the government of former President Mariano Rajoy of using "both the public administration and justice to resolve issues policies. "

Last year, the Provincial Prosecutor of Madrid requested two years in prison for the director and the heads of three cinemas for inflating box office data of the feature film "El Discipulo", in order to access grants from the Cinematography Institute and the Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), dependent on the then Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

"'El Discipulo' is a film from 2009 and they come almost ten years later to see box office themes, it is absolutely certain that it is a trial that is going to win," says the Spanish filmmaker.

Barrachina rejects the accusations and says that the defense has requested the nullity of the process due to irregularities: "As of today we have not received even the support of the accusations, they leaked it to the press on Christmas Day, it has a series of strange … "insists Ruiz Barrachina.

The film in question narrates the life of Jesus of Nazareth, although part of the premise that actually it was a follower of John the Baptist, the true prophet, and that, after the death of the latter, leads an assault on the temple of Jerusalem.

For the award-winning filmmaker, "The Disciple" was "a very annoying film for them (those responsible for popular government.) We know what the right is in Spain and the national-Catholicism that is still very much alive".

However, the bad image of this case – which the director considered could be a "debacle" – "fortunately" has not caused the loss of any of his film projects.

Asked if the current socialist government could raise its hand in the judicial process, Ruiz Barrachina claims to be unaware of it.

"Now justice has two ways or celebrate the trial or cancel it for irregularities," he argued.

"There is a very tangible proof that when you do something that bothers you, many means are used to publicly try to make a civil disappearance, it is a very complicated country, Spain, we all love it, but it has very difficult things," he concludes.


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