Rufián says that there was no "bad faith" in Moncloa by postponing the dialogue table: "They made a wrong reading"

"They made a wrong reading. They only lacked information," Rufián defended in an interview at the SER Network, collected by Europa Press, in which he celebrated that "could be solved" and that a space of dialogue "very important" has been respected ".

It was precisely the anger of ERC that led the Executive of Pedro Sánchez to rectify his initial position and announce that finally the table with the Government would be constituted before the elections.

In a first note, the Executive stated that he hoped to "be able to initiate such a dialogue" as soon as the elections had been held in Catalonia and a new Government had been constituted, an announcement that ERC soon denounced as a flagrant breach of its agreement to consider it. investiture with the PSOE.

"The negative of this is that we learned from the press. It was already a bad way to start," said the Catalan politician, who met Thursday with Sanchez himself to move the distaste of the sovereigns with his decision. "I think Moncloa makes a wrong reading and considers that everything should be postponed. They lacked information and we wanted to be useful in claiming the pacts," he said.

However, the ERC spokesman has declined to offer "many details" about the hours that elapsed between the two versions of the Government, because that would lead to a "loop" in which "a lot of noise" would be generated.

Rufián also did not want to pronounce on the terms in which the table should move. "It should be remembered that it has not been established because the presidential cabinets are talking. That is already positive, and it would be more irresponsible to put more pressure on that," he has settled.


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