Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Rufián retorts to Batet and affirms that ERC does not accept lessons of a PSOE that "is not socialist nor worker"

Rufián replica a Batet y afirma que ERC no acepta lecciones de un PSOE que “no es socialista ni obrero”

Reproach of the PSC? Immediate replication of ERC. The party led by Oriol Junqueras has charged the inks against the PSOE and has customized Meritxell Batet, the head of the PSC list. Gabriel Rufián, number two of Esquerra's candidacy to Congress, has responded to the candidate who this morning has criticized ERC for forming a government with the right. "He told us that Esquerra is not from the left ... I say: repeal of the labor reforms of 2010 and 2012, appearance of Rajoy Florentino Pérez in the commission of investigation of the sewers of the State, tax on the bank to return the 60,000 million stolen euros, reduction of the military budget by 40%, and end of the abduction of the Open Arms in Barcelona. Does it sound to you, Meritxell? Because all this you have voted against, "stressed Rufián. For all this, the Republican has addressed Batet to say that ERC "does not accept a half lesson. You are neither socialists nor workers. "

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ERC is making every effort to counteract the messages of the Socialists despite being aware that it could only come to condition a hypothetical Government chaired by Pedro Sánchez. The president of the Spanish government has also referred Rufián and has expressed doubts about whether they will allow his investiture. For the Republican, Sanchez has given vagaries in recent years. The attitude of Sanchez is what will mark if Esquerra supports him.

ERC reminds the Socialists that in Congress they voted against the repeal of the labor reforms of 2010 and 2012

"We have many PSOE and many Sánchez," said Rufián in this regard. "We have the leather-sucked Sanchez, who toured the country to recover the general secretary of the PSOE," said the deputy of ERC in opposition to "the PSOE of the suit, serious, which brought together 180 deputies to throw jailers of the Moncloa ", in reference to the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy," but we have the PSOE that announced that it would fail Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría for the hosts on October 1, but who voted on 155 ".

In any case, the candidate of ERC has ensured that his party is the only obstacle for Citizens to apply 155 "from the hand of the PSC and the PSOE". "If the PSC wins in Catalunya, it wins Cs; if Esquerra wins, it wins Catalonia ", he concluded.

Several banners showing the demonstrators of the CDR of Sabadell in the act of ERC.

Several banners showing the demonstrators of the CDR of Sabadell in the act of ERC.
(Guillem Roset / ACN)

The meeting was also attended by Joan Josep Nuet, general coordinator of EUiA, who forms with the republicans as number four to the Congress. In the line of his Rufián, Nuet has warned that if Esquerra is not imposed it is possible that the PSOE "becomes a shame", because, as he said, when the socialists go alone always goes against Catalonia. Thus, it has demanded the vote so that the Socialist Party has to negotiate with the sovereignist forces and agree on a referendum of self-determination.

Members of the CDR of Sabadell have displayed banners during the event to demand answers to Esquerra for its positioning

During the ceremony, a fortnight of members of the CDR of Sabadell have displayed banners to demand answers to ERC and to question their positioning. The banners they have shown are eloquent: "Will you do something with the declaration of independence of the 27-O?", "Why do not you stop obeying everything Madrid says?", "Will there be unity of action of the independence forces? ? "," Why do you less need our language and do the Spanish parties' follow-up? "," With 20/25 deputies out of 350, what block do you intend to do? "," How will you block the Spanish Congress? " What should we talk about with the Spanish State that you do not explain to us? "," We are not playing for freedom for an Iberian republic. " "How many more negatives are needed to see that the Spanish State does not want to talk?", "How many times does the word" independence "come out in your program?"

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