Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Rufián lends a hand to Iglesias and advises the PSOE that there is no electoral repetition

When there is little more than a week for the investiture debate in the Congress of Deputies, the spokesman Esquerra Republicana advises the PSOE to avoid the electoral repetition. "Tensar the situation until the call for new elections would be one of the biggest mistakes of a left that has already committed too many," said Saturday afternoon Gabriel Rufián in a tweet.

"You can not ask so many people that they stopped fascism once with a stuffy nose that makes them do it again. It matters what, not the who, added Rufián in reference to the vetoes that are in the socialist ranks.

However, the still acting Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell, said this Saturday at the closing of the PSC summer school that they did not intend to repeat the elections. The truth is that there are polls that predict that could benefit the PSOE, but United Podemos, Ada Colau and now Gabriel Rufián warn that the right could add if auna forces.

ERC has already shown its intention not to block the policy and has stated several times in recent days that sooner or later they will have to talk to the Socialists, not only in the face of the investiture debate scheduled for July 22 and 23.

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