January 16, 2021

Rubiales' right hand resigns due to misappropriation | sports

Rubiales' right hand resigns due to misappropriation | sports

The Operation Soule the first director of the nine accused who remain linked to the Spanish Football Federation under the presidency of Luis Rubiales has been charged. On Friday night, Andreu Subies, who held the position of vice president, resigned. A Subies, who was a strong man of the Villar era, and a key player in the campaign that led Rubiales to win the elections in May 2018, He was arrested last October. Judge Pedraz accused him of alleged extra costs in the remodeling works carried out in 2014 at the headquarters of the Catalan Football Federation, on Carrer Sicilia, in Barcelona. The works were awarded to the real estate agency Tastavins, owned by businessman José Contreras, for an amount of 518,702 euros. The money would have been used for the renovation of a restaurant in Cambrils (Tarragona) where Subies' wife is the administrator, and at his home in the same coastal town. Contreras, ex-director of the Catalan Football Federation, He maintained a close relationship with Villar, with whom he served as chauffeur every time the former president went to Barcelona.

On Friday El Mundo revealed that Subies had used false invoices to justify the expenses. This has been the trigger for his resignation. Rubiales, who defended the presumption of innocence of Subies when he was arrested and gave courage to be released without precautionary measures, accepted the resignation before a situation that was already untenable before the evidence of the Civil Guard investigation.

Rubiales continues to maintain the presumption of innocence of the other eight presidents of territorial defendants in Operation Soule, all related to his figure, but at the same time defends that other barons who are not with him, such as Marcelino Maté, president of the Territory of Castilla -León, must also be charged for having received a salary from the Federation while he was a manager, something that the federation statutes do not allow. However, according to La Républca Sportiva, Subies provided advisory services to the federation through a company of which it owns. The body that chairs Rubiales signed a contract with the company SPORT ADVICE AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES SPORTS SL on August 2, 2018, two days after Subies resigned as president of the Catalan Football Federation and the same day as the businessman of Benavent incorporated the company in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona with CIF B67274514, as stated in the Official State Gazette number 190 of the year 2018.

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