July 29, 2021

Rubiales' resignation from FIFA and his war against the CSD | sports

Rubiales' resignation from FIFA and his war against the CSD | sports

Spanish football will not have any representative in the FIFA Council, at least during the next two years. The decision of the president of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF), Luis Rubiales, of not showing up to litigate the two places to which UEFA is entitled within the aforementioned committee has left Spanish football without representation in the great organ of the FIFA management after 20 years. Rubiales has resigned from the post, but not the UEFA Executive Committee, which has easier access. To do this, just wait until next May, Alexander Ceferin re-elected president of European football – he is the only candidate – and name his new committee, without Juan Luis Larrea, who now occupies the chair for presiding the federation

Having battled for the position in the FIFA, Rubiales would have had to elucidate it with the Portuguese Fernando Gomes and the Cypriot Georgios Koumas. The first is a heavyweight UEFA, is vice president. The second, has the maximum confidence of Ceferin, and the FIFA Council is one of those places of address where chairs are more than counted and assigned. "As we have been in office for five or six months, it has been understood that we had to reach the international institutions in a phased manner. First opt ​​for UEFA and then for FIFA ", they explain from the FEF.

The option of Rubiales not to try to be part of the FIFA Council has come in the midst of turbulent and legal times that are again hitting the federation. The transfer of the Higher Council of Sports to the Administrative Court of Sports (TAD) urging that this body open file to 16 presidents of territorial federations for violating the neutrality in the last electoral process has ignited Rubiales. Half a dozen of the 16 barons involved in the process for signing a letter in favor of Ángel María Villar are part of its directive. All of them, to a greater or lesser extent, are responsible that the Mutuality of amateur football has been recently intervened by the Directorate General of Insurance for serious accounting irregularities in the management of the money obtained from the licenses paid by amateur players and clubs, from the youngest to the oldest.

The possible decapitation of regional football is considered a very serious breach of neutrality and this cost Villar formally the position when he refused to resign after having already been imprisoned, has irritated Rubiales. The president last week had a hard confrontation with María José Rienda at the headquarters of the CSD. According to different sources, the president of Spanish football addressed the Secretary of State for Sports in high tone and threatened with quarrels. At the meeting with Rienda, Rubiales went with his legal bathers, his general director Andreu Camps, and the external adviser Tomás González Cueto, both former members of the TAD. As such, Camps refused to open file and the corresponding investigation to Villar for the alleged federal aid to Marino and Recreativo, something that the anti-corruption prosecutor's office did then. González Cueto, on the other hand, had to abstain from the strange voting because for the office where he worked, Gilberto Pérez del Blanco, the lawyer hired by Villar, collaborated. as this newspaper revealed.

When Rubiales left the headquarters of the CSD, more than one official threw his hands in the head for the manners of the federative president. "The CSD has continued to receive complaints and as administration we have a responsibility for what has been proceeded to give course to the CAS to make a statement. The CSD has done what it has to do. Failure to act also has responsibilities, "says Rienda. On Monday, in Mallorca, Rubiales followed the charge against the CSD and against Rienda, whom he accused of slowing down processes that LaLiga may have pending with the sports administration and accelerating those of the federation. "She is not well advised, they are not telling her the truth. If you continue down this road there will be a situation of discomfort and surely an answer. It seems that she wants to wait for decisions when they affect LaLiga, but with the federative entities it seems that she does not want to wait and prefers to act, "Rubiales warned and responded.

The possible opening of the file to the barons has added to the earthquake that supposed the detention of Andrés Subies, economic vice president chosen by Rubiales and key man in his election. Although he was released without precautionary measures, Subies is charged with an alleged diversion of federal funds for his own benefit. Appealing to the presumption of innocence, as with the six territorial presidents investigated in Operation Soule who also supported him in his election, Rubiales has kept Subies in charge. The mud that still remains of the operation that ended the 29 years of the Villar era continues to put everything under suspicion in the Federation. If Subies has been temporarily removed, until the matter is clarified, Rubiales would have given a boost to that institutional regeneration that he claims to lead. But it could also have opened its own door of exit of the federation if by its pending accounts in the courts finishes imputed by the also supposed diversion of bottoms when it presided over the union of soccer players (AFE).

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