Rubiales, against playing soccer every 48 hours

The Federation contacts a bank to offer financing for professional football of up to 500 million euros

Luis Rubiales is opposed to playing matches every 48 hours to balance the calendar when the competition resumes. "Footballers are not machines, they should not be squeezed. We with our competitions have released three or four days, as we have done with the Copa del Rey. It is important that it also be considered ”, says the president of the Federation.

The Federation had already commissioned a study, which it has now reinforced, with Federation doctors and recovery workers to establish healthy deadlines. activation and recovery so that footballers can compete again without added risk to their health.

“In the last face-to-face meeting with the League and the Afe there was an approach from the League to the union to play every 48 hours. The president of Afe[[David Aganzo]replied that they were willing to be flexible to play every 48 hours. We were surprised and from there we accelerated the medical and physical study to see when they can join and in what way. We understand that the footballers will not have to be squeezed because they are people and even if they train at home they have to recover the rhythm of competition and recover from the blows of the matches. Playing every 48 hours is unfeasible. We must begin to banish it from our heads, ”says Rubiales.

Rubiales distances himself from the League plan e insists on not setting a date for football's return. something in which the two institutions did manage to agree at the beginning of the week. And the possibility of extending the season until even August or September gets closer and closer.

The Federation has opened a line of credit to help modest clubs that can repay money in two years without interest, in addition to guaranteeing the payment of subsidies. The idea is to limit ERTES to a minimum and that clubs and players can maintain their normal economic activity. But it also works for help professional football. It has contacted a bank to allow clubs to access loans worth up to 500 million euros that allow them to have liquidity until the competition resumes and all television contracts can be executed.


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