Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Rubén plants Estefanía and leaves alone

The last gala of
The island of temptations

He had practically everything: a future wedding, reproaches, disappointments and also several breaks. Although the most anticipated moment of the night was, without a doubt, the bonfire of Estefanía (Fani). Remember that your partner,
Christofer, ended up abandoning
the program after being unfaithful to Rubén several times. One of his reactions – that famous shout of “Estefanía!”– It became a viral phenomenon causing the Chilean many problems.

If previously Fani was sure of the decisions taken so far, during the last program could not be less. Sure of his feelings he opted for Rubenbut when the moment of truth came, the single man told him “do not”. Nail pumpkins That the girl was not expected.

'The Island of Temptations': Rubén decides to leave Fani alone and leave the island just as he entered

‘The Island of Temptations’: Rubén decides to leave Fani alone and leave the island just as he entered

Although he was very sad to see how bad Christofer had it on The Island of Temptation, Fani had things very clear: “I do not want to change this happiness. I feel free. I don’t feel any love for him, I don’t feel it, right now I prefer Rubén than Christofer. ” That’s how blunt he was before Monica Naranjo.

Then, Rubén made an appearance at the final stake. All were awaiting their decision. After a very cold reception, the single man dropped the bomb of the night: “We have been super good in the house, there are times that you can get carried away … But this happened to you here with Christofer … Why could it not happen with me? I leave alone. The basis of trust is everything”, Rubén settled leaving Fani alone.

Although the participant tried to conceal her anger while Rubén presented her decision, then Fani openly relieved the host of The Island of Temptations. “It has humpbacked me. This happens to me for trusting all the men who finally strikes. I will try to make no one upset me and take away this happiness, ”he said.

Of course, he continued to make it clear that he did not regret anything because thanks to Rubén he realized what he needed in his life. Despite that learning, Fani released a: “I’m freaking out. Tell me the last day and at my stake. How strong!”. His face behind the final pumpkins of his single said it all.

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