Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

Rubén explains in ‘The Panic Room’ why he didn’t have sex with Fani

Ruben It has become a television claim since participating as a single in
The island of temptations
, the reality show That has revolutionized the small screen. An inclusion that put him in the spotlight after maintaining an idyll with Fani, the most famous contestant of the show after her boyfriend yelled “Estefaníaaaaaa!” In the middle of the beach.

Now, after the completion of the space, Rubén has become tronista of

Women and men and vice versa
and the godfather of
The panic room,
the Mediaset space presented by Nuria Marín in Cuatro since Monday. It has been there precisely where He has confessed why his sexual encounter with Fani did not end.

Rubén, from single in 'The island of temptations' to tronista in 'MYHYV'.

Rubén, from single in ‘The island of temptations’ to tronista in ‘MYHYV’.

After seeing the screen images of his relationship with the already contestant of
Rubén has recognized that he “puts himself” when he sees them. But there is more. He has also acknowledged that, although “it’s nice that you get carried away by an experience”, “In the end the act of doing it at home is to spend too much.”

At that point it was impossible that in The Panic Room he was not asked about the rumors that pointed out that he had a past as gigolo. “I’ve never had sex for money,” he said before admitting that “yes they have proposed it to me”For an amount greater than“ five thousand euros ”.

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