Rubén Blades praises the charisma and popularity of the late salsa singer Tito Rojas

Panama, Dec 26 (EFE) .- The Panamanian singer Rubén Blades highlighted the salsa charisma and popularity of Puerto Rican Tito Rojas, who died at dawn this Saturday at 65 years of age, allegedly of a heart attack.

Puerto Rican salsa singer Tito Rojas dies

Puerto Rican salsa singer Tito Rojas dies

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In a brief but meaningful obituary posted on his social networks, Blades communicated that “our colleague and friend, ‘Tito Rojas’, has just moved ‘to the other neighborhood'”, and remembered him as an artist “gifted with a sense of humor and of a dynamic personality “.

Blades pointed out that “El Gallo” Tito Rojas, known for the song “El gallo salsero”, “obtained a deserved popularity for his ability to connect with the public (…), showing the sharpness, spark and ability of the Puerto Rican to face life and overcome difficulties “.

“He had a successful career and fans at an international level today regret his departure. To his family and loved ones we send our condolences,” said Blades, author of the well-known hit musical “Pedro Navaja.”

Jessica Rojas, one of the singer’s daughters, confirmed the death to the music radio station Salsoul.

The interpreter’s relatives were those who found him on the ground and without vital signs on the balcony of a residence in the Tejas neighborhood of Humacao, a municipality on the east coast of Puerto Rico.

The last presentation that Rojas offered was a virtual one last Thursday, Christmas Eve, through his YouTube page, together with his orchestra.

Rojas, likewise, participated in the most recent production of the Puerto Rican salsa singer Gilberto Santa Rosa, “Colegas”, on the song “Por la calle del medio.”

The Puerto Rican singer released his first album -of his more than 25-, “Mima la pululera”, with Pedro Conga in 1972.

Julio César Rojas López, the artist’s real name, had a vast career spanning more than 40 years, in which he released other albums such as “A my style”, “By own right”, “Humildemente”, “I want to get home” “The usual” and “Traditional”.

His last production was “A rooster for history”.

Prior to that album, he released “El Viajero”, an album that he published under his own label, TR Records (the first was “Independiente”, published in 2012), and has eight songs.

In Panama he had wide popularity and his presentations in the carnivals of the Central American country were always to the taste of salseros accustomed to his style and characteristic empathy.


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