January 17, 2021

Rubén Amon receives the Ceco Cucodo | Society

Rubén Amon receives the Ceco Cucodo | Society

The journalist of EL PAÍS Rubén Amun received yesterday Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Award, which the Association of European Journalists (APE) has been presenting for 35 years in homage to the journalist from Vigo, better known as Cuco Cerecedo. Amon, who learned about the recognition last July "when he was picking up his son from school," says the award impresses him greatly by the consideration he deserves the names of those who received it in the past three decades; journalists like Maruja Torres, Soledad Alameda or Iñaki Gabilondo, among others.
The jury valued the "brilliant pen" of the journalist, who acted as correspondent in Paris and in Rome of the newspaper The world. The APE also recognized "the versatility and ability to entertain without losing the rigor" that the journalist expresses in his pieces ", from the bullfighting and musical chronicles to the reviews about the politicians who jump to the pages of the media.

The journalist's experience in Italy was the one that marked the beginning of his speech, which was heard at the Madrid Palace Hotel in the presence of the Kings, and in which he recalled the anecdote he starred with a newspaper photographer The Repubblica. This, he said, he snapped at the then Pope John Paul II: "Holiness do as if praying." He asked for it at the altar of the basilica of San Francisco, in the Italian city of Assisi, after the earthquake that brought it down in 1997. Amón hopes "to live up to the award and the name it bears, which is synonymous with honesty and integrity".


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