May 12, 2021

Rubalcaba, Margarita Salas … and other characters who said goodbye in the year 2019 – La Provincia

Actors Luke Perry Y Arturo Fernández or the singers Marie Frediksson, from the Swedish duo Roxette, Y Camilo Sesto, are some of the artists and people from the world of culture who have died throughout the year 2019.

In January, the Cordoba designer Elio Berhanyer He died in Madrid at 89. Berhanyer was one of the Spanish designers with the most international prestige and dressed Spanish high society and celebrities, among them, Reina Sofía and Ava Gadner, although in 2010 he was forced to close his haute couture workshop in Madrid and the store of the brand located on Lagasca Street, as a result of the economic crisis.

Luke Perry, known for playing Dylan In the mythical series ‘Feeling of living’, he died at the beginning of February as a result of a stroke he suffered previously. In addition to ‘Feeling of living’, Perry also worked on films as the original tape of ‘Buffy, the vampire slayer’ (1992) ‘8 seconds’ (1994) and ‘The fifth element’ (1997).

Also this month the German designer died Karl Lagerfeld, considered one of the most important figures in the world of fashion and where he remained at the top for more than half a century. His dark sports suits, his white hair and ponytail, along with his tinted sunglasses, made him instantly recognizable in recent years. The German designer was known for his association with Chanel de France, which dates from 1983.

In February I died Albert Finney, Oscar-nominated British actor five times, at 82 years after suffering a brief illness. The actor British had among his works titles such as’ Tom Jones’ (1963), ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (1974),’ The shadow of actor‘(1983),’ Erin Brockovich ‘(2000),’ Big Fish ‘(2003) or’ Skyfall ‘(2012).

In March, there was the lifeless body of Keith Flint, iconic singer of The Prodigy. Flint was an important part of the electronic music of the nineties, because The Prodigy managed to break the barriers of the genre and reach all audiences as pioneers of the ‘big beat’, thanks to its catchy melodies on heavy and overwhelming bases (‘Smack my bucth up ‘,’ Breathe ‘,’ Voodoo people ‘).

This same month, the actress and model Paloma Cela died at 76 years of age, after an artistic career of more than 50 years and in which he participated in numerous films and series, such as the Italian tape ‘Tepepa: Viva la revolucion’ or the Spanish ones ‘Del amor y otros solitudes’, ‘Manuela’ or his latest appearance in ‘Almost innocent’, in 2012.

In July the actor died Eduardo Gomez, known for his characters in T.V. series how ‘There is no one living here‘o’ La que se avecina ‘, has died in Madrid at 68 years of age. The interpreter suffered Cancer of throat. This same month the death of the Asturian actor Arturo Fernández at 90 years of age was also known, who built a career of about 70 years with a custom character, the gallant, and titles such as ‘The House of Messes’ or ‘Truhanes’.

Hauer and Sesto

In addition, also during those summer days, the Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, world famous for his role as a replicant in ‘Blade Runner‘, he died at 75 after a brief illness. The interpreter reached his maximum prestige playing the murderer Roy Batty in the movie ‘Blade Runner’ (1982) and for the memory will be the phrase ‘I have seen things that you would not believe …’ with which the final monologue started in the which is undoubtedly the most remembered sequence of the Ridley Scott movie. As an anecdote, Hauer’s death occurred in the same year as his character in the film.

In August, the original vocalist of the group Los Fresones Rebeldes said goodbye, Inés Bayo, at 45 -who, despite leaving the group in 1998, had remained linked with participation in loose songs. Also the actress Encarna Paso, who participated in the film Oscar winner ‘Start over,’ he died at the age of 88. Paso consolidated his career in the theater, although he also participated in emblematic titles of Spanish cinematography such as the aforementioned ‘Start over’ with José Luis Garci; ‘The Hive’, by Mario Camus; ‘Demons in the garden’ by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón or ‘The animated forest’, by José Luis Cuerda.

In September, thousands of people went to the burning chapel of Camilo Sesto, installed at the headquarters of the SGAE in Madrid. The author of ‘Forgive me’ died on September 8, at age 72, for a cardiorespiratory arrest. Although the artist was already retired from public life in recent years, precisely because of his health problems, he left a prolific list of great successes (Living like this is dying of love ‘,’ The love of my life ‘ ).

Balaguer and Rooms

In the month of May, the former socialist minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba He also said goodbye. The former vice president died at age 67 from a stroke. The world of politics overturned at his funeral and burning chapel.

October brought the news of the death of the Cuban dancer Alicia Alonso, deceased at 98 old. Alonso, ‘prima ballerina assoluta’ and general director of the National Ballet of Cuba, received throughout her career numerous awards such as the Isabel la Católica Order, which awards the King of Spain or the Order of Arts and Letters of the Republic French and in 2017 she received the title of World Dance Ambassador awarded by UNESCO.

In November, it was known that the actress had died Assumption Balaguer, who after promising beginnings, during more than half a century of marriage to Paco Rabal, partially relegated his interpretative facet until he was widowed, at age 75, and decided to resume artistic life. Between 2010 and 2013 he won four consecutive awards from the Actors Union. In addition, in 2012, Teleprograma magazine distinguished a lifetime of dedication to the trade with the TP of Gold and a year later he would collect the Max Award for the supporting actress for the musical Follies.

Also spanish biochemistry Margarita Rooms He died at 80 years of age as a result of a cardiac arrest. To his long scientific career, his representation was added in various Royal Academies such as the RAE, where in 2001 he was elected and took possession in 2003.

In December, Marie Fredriksson, the vocalist of the musical group Roxette, died at 61 years of age. The singer had been fighting a brain tumor for years that was diagnosed in 2002. Fredriksson underwent surgery to remove the tumor and was treated for months with chemotherapy and radiotherapy – it left him without vision in one eye and with limited hearing– . ‘It Must Have Been Love’, the central theme of the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ is possibly his best known song along with tracks like ‘Listen To Your Heart’, ‘The Look’, ‘Spending My Time’ or ‘Sleeping in My Car ‘.

This same month also said goodbye the singer-songwriter Patxi Andióndied in a traffic accident in the province of Soria. He was 72 years old and with ‘La hora del lobicán’, his last album, he had commemorated the fifty years of his musical career, with a period of greatest popularity during the seventies and eighties.


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