Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

RTVE workers go on strike to harm Las Campanadas

The unions of RTVE they have given the green light to partial stoppages what will the strike of workers on days December 22 and 31, just like him January the 8th. A call from USO-TVE expected to impact and harm the retransmission of The chimes.

This has been assured by union sources to The vanguard, who have pointed out that "the objective for that day" is "precisely that": "Let the strike be noticed" on December 31 and there are problems in the retransmission of the event more followed by Christmas.

The objective: that the strike be noticed on 31

A situation that will be different next Sunday, the 22nd with the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery on the grill. "It will not be the same as other times, but if you consider it an informative event it really is not in danger", point ”. And it is that the public corporation will provide minimum services to try to ensure that the impacts of these stoppages are as small as possible.

The reason for these partial strikes is the restoration of the workday of 37.5 hours per week from this month of December instead of 35 hours which rejects “outright” the Intercentros Committee in understanding that this measure was taken “unilaterally”.

RTVE will put minimum services

Since the measure has not been withdrawn or started “a negotiation period”To revoke the increase in the working hours of the RTVE workforce until 37.5 hours, as already noted in the progress of this measure, the Committee has chosen to convene these partial stoppages for the indicated days.

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