RTVE will reopen the year with an announcement from Spain Global

If last year the announcement showed a dozen anonymous citizens and an actor, Alejo Sauras, who proclaimed reasons to be proud "ambassadors" of Spain, this time the assembly will not include words but only current and historical images.

Spain Global has not revealed what these images will consist of because they are all of "a very characteristic gesture of affection", which will be the surprise of the announcement and that its authors consider universal, above languages, borders and political positions.

With it, the spot also aims to symbolize the strengths of the Spanish society of tolerance, solidarity and diversity. The announcement, which will be issued after the self-promotion of RTVE, lasts 30 seconds, but there is a longer version close to the minute that the Corporation will issue throughout the year on RTVE International.

In fact, Spain Global will also spread the announcement in the 215 Embassies and Consulates, through its network of links. The campaign already has a slogan in Spanish and in English, "We share Spain" or "We all share Spain".

In 2019, the announcement that starred Alejo Sauras was a letter of introduction from Global Spain to society only two months after its creation as an heiress of the 'Spain Brand' promoted by the Government of Mariano Rajoy.

The creation of videos has been a constant in the work of Spain Global, largely framed in campaigns to defend the democracy and modernity of Spain from the attacks of Catalan independence to the country's reputation.

In its first year of life, the Secretary of State led by Irene Loazano has launched the 'This Is The Real Spain' campaign with people like Isabel Coixet, Ana Patricia Botín, Jesús Calleja or Richard Gere.

After the six-video campaign 'La Democracia Se Toca' came, it was presented in September by the former mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmena and the filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona; and the video of October 12 on the occasion of the National Holiday.


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