RTVE opens file for macho comments on broadcast of the Goya

Madrid, Mar 7 (EFE) .- Spanish Radiotelevisión has opened an informative file for the comments "of a sexist nature" that were heard on his Facebook profile during the broadcast of the red carpet of the Goya Awards Gala, held last night in Malaga, comments that the Corporation "deeply" condemns.

In a statement made public this Sunday, RTVE "deeply regrets" what happened and reports that it has already identified "the exact point" from which the "unfortunate comments" that were heard through the ambient audio, specifically the camera 8, located outside the hotel where the event was taking place, according to its statement.

"There is no possible excuse for what happened. Spanish Radio and Television apologizes to the actresses referred to and condemns without palliative the content of these degrading comments for women so far removed from the majority feeling of the company's staff and, unfortunately, still present in our society ", says the note on public radio.

During the retransmission of the red carpet, a series of comments of a macho nature related to the actresses who were parading, among them, Marta Nieto or the singer Nathy Peluso, slipped through the ambient microphone.

"This is called Marta Nieto and, I tell you one thing, she is the best of all because the others were all skeletons. Only Nathy Peluso and one who looked like a verbenero whore, full of tattoos, that I said 'I don't know where from They have taken this' This cobra for sure, but whore, whore for sure. What do you look like, male?

The images recorded in Malaga reached the RTVE Central Control in Madrid after a preselection of signals that came from various cameras, the statement explains.

The RTVE Equality Observatory has also acted ex officio and has opened another file to take the appropriate actions.

This is the third controversy in which the RTVE Corporation has been involved in less than a month, after the controversial label overprinted on a piece of information on February 10, which reported on the next academic year of the Princess of Asturias in Wales with the legend: "Leonor is leaving Spain, like her grandfather."

The administrator of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, regretted "the serious mistake" and dismissed those responsible.

This same week, the program 'La Hora de La 1' had to apologize on Twitter for using an image of Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía - instead of the Infantas Elena and Cristina - to illustrate the news of their vaccination last in United Arab Emirates.

Due to these events, the PP requested the resignation of the director of Information and News of RTVE, Enric Hernández.

The Popular Party has also spoken out this Saturday about what happened during the Goya Gala, which it has described as "shameless."

In a statement, the PP has denounced "the embarrassment that these comments have caused in citizens, which have once again placed the RTVE of Rosa María Mateo and Enric Hernández in the greatest public discredit and in the most negative social reference" .

"These comments not only clash with the policies against stereotypes that the Minister of Equality seems to want to defend, but they denigrate the image of women," denounced the Popular Parliamentary Group, which has presented a battery of questions, including Internal control has failed to allow "these intolerable comments to be reproduced without limit on social networks" or if the authors of the comments have been identified.


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