June 13, 2021

RTVE condemns sexist comments in a women’s LaLiga match and opens an investigation

The Barça players celebrate the title as continental champions.

The Barça players celebrate the title as continental champions.

Spanish Radio Television (RTVE) has condemned the sexist comments in the tests of conducting the LaLiga women’s football match Real Madrid-Eibar and has opened an investigation to clarify what happened.

“They would never have to play, they would have to ban it. These women who want equality,” could be heard during the realization of the women’s soccer game.

“We condemn these macho comments. It was during the break of the match between Real Madrid and Eibar of the Women’s LaLiga”, lamented the director of Sports of TVE, Arsenio Cañada, in the program ‘RTVE Responds’.

At this point, Cañada has explained that the sound “sneaks in” because of the ambient sound that the TVE production has and that, through social networks, a user “slipped that fragment that had been sneaked into an American broadcast of women’s leagues around the world.” “As it is a TVE production, an investigation is being opened and it is being studied, “he said.

When asked about why TVE puts “very few” matches of the Women’s Soccer Queen’s Cup, the director of Sports of TVE has defended that they do not have “all the parties”, but that they reached a agreement to transfer the rights of the “five or six” teams that have the rights to the Royal Spanish Football Federation, so they can only give the games that those teams play at home. “What we can give, we give”, he stated.

Cañada has also explained the incomplete broadcast of the final of the women’s basketball league between Valencia Basket and Perfumerías Avenida, since Carolina Marín’s final in the European badminton was broadcast: “Sport sometimes overlaps, on weekends on everything”.

In this sense, he added that the sport is played regularly in the evenings and nights and on weekends, so “many events coincide”. In addition, he has indicated that badminton “decides the schedules from one day to the next.”

However, Cañada recalled that RTVE did broadcast the final of the women’s basketball league in its entirety through its platforms. “We decided to give the European Championship to Carolina Marín “, he said.

Regarding the treatment of sports news with female participation in Teledeporte and Telediarios, she explained that they do not always have images of the news they want to give, so many times not having images “conditions” them when it comes to giving a news item. : “If we don’t have images we can’t paint them.”

The Sports Director of TVE has celebrated the “effort” they have made to return to having women’s tennis in Teledeporte, having bought back the WTA circuit. “All the tournaments that we buy we can give all the games live on Teledeporte, but the company does not let us give them on the web,” he added.

Finally, Cañada explained that he has “everything prepared” to broadcast the Tokyo Olympics, for which they have bought 400 hours of first broadcast, so your job is to “manage those 400 hours.”

“We can broadcast live 24 or 25 hours a day, but we have five channels so our job will be to manage those hours and not reach the last two days without hours,” said Cañada, who added that they have planned a schedule in direct of about 13 or 14 hours in La 1.


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