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RTVE breached the bases to choose the songs of Eurovisión 2019

RTVE incumplió las bases para elegir las candidaturas de Eurovisión 2019

The election of the representative of
Eurovision 2019
It continues to be controversial. The latest news has been for the breach of the bases by RTVE of the 'Process of selection of the song and representative / s of Spain', a document promoted by the public entity and subscribed before a notary.

According to iServimedia, 11 candidate songs were chosen directly from prestigious authors for the Eurovision preselection whenThe bases limited this option to 10 topics. But how exactly was the process that led the public body to choose the issues?

Eleven songs of prestigious authors were chosen when the bases limited the option to 10

The process was carried out in two different ways. On the one hand, RTVE enabled a website for those who wanted to send songs. On the other, he encouraged recognized composers to propose their themes. So, through the first phase you had to choose a maximum of 20 songs, 10 through each system, from which a second phase of selection would open.

Through the process of direct selection, 11 songs were chosen from the proposals submitted by prestigious authors. According to the head of the Eurovision Delegation, Ana María Bordás, only one of the topics of the Eurovision gala was chosen by direct selection. It was about Today I will dream, interpreted by Sabela Ramil. The other nine themes came from the process that was carried out with renowned composers.

"The quality of the songs of the amateurs was smaller"

As explained by the corporate strong to Servimedia, "The quality of the songs of the amateurs was lower and a selection of the best was made where the criteria of quality prevailed ". Based on this criterion, 11 songs by professional composers and 6 amateurs were selected.

Tinet Rubira, director of Gestmusic and executive producer of Operación Triunfo, defended himself from Tongo's accusations, stating that "RTVE has clear bases and a public call that has been followed literally". Although, according to this document revealed by the news agency, not everything was so clear.

Miky will represent Spain in Eurovision 2019

Miky will represent Spain in Eurovision 2019

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