RTVE appoints two Equality publishers to ensure content in the public channel | Society

RTVE appoints two Equality publishers to ensure content in the public channel | Society

The sole administrator of Radio Televisión Española, Rosa María Mateo, has named two journalists as the first publishers of Equality of TVE and Radio Nacional de España. They are Alicia G. Montano and Paloma Zamorano. Your mission, according to a note of Spanish public television, is to guarantee equality between men and women "both in content and in an active presence in the public service of radio and television" and to launch initiatives that contribute to eliminate bad practices and shorten the gender gap.

The initiative follows the path initiated in Spain by EL PAÍS with the appointment last May of its first gender correspondent, the journalist Pilar Álvarez. The digital newspaper eldiario.es named the journalist Ana Requena as editor-in-chief of Gender in September.

RTVE emphasizes in its note that these appointments are in tune with the desire of the staff of public television radio composed almost 50% by men and women. And they delve into the role that the media can have to "correct and eliminate the inequalities that affect transversally, not only the information content, but all programming." Both publishers will have a specific website to download content with which they intend to make equality visible.

The two newly appointed journalists will collaborate with the Observatory of Equality, a body constituted on January 31 in the RTVE Corporation, which is born from one of the proposals included in the State Pact against Gender Violence. The observatory is composed of 18 people representing the management, trade unions and women's associations, and has already approved the constitution of working groups for cases related to women in rural areas, cinema, sports or the fight against gender violence.


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