RR7 tells the prosecutor that he has now ordered a new batch of masks for the SCS

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The sole administrator of the successful bidder insists before the prosecutor Ródenas that he wants to fulfill the contract for which he charged four million in 2020

Rayco González, sole administrator of the company RR7 United SL, declared on Thursday to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Javier Ródenas, that days ago he had closed an order for 1.2 million masks that he would import from Turkey and that he paid out of his pocket to compensate for the breach of the contract for four million euros signed at the time with the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) after receiving a batch of 3M model 1860 false or not homologated in Europe.

The businessman from Gran Canaria explained to the representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office -which is investigating him for the alleged commission of a crime of fraud and to the SCS itself for alleged bribery and embezzlement of public funds- that he was not going to "allow the masks not to be served" since According to his version, the one who "broke the agreement" was the supplier Ihsan Mahmhoud, whom he met in his day through the intermediary Lucas Cruz.

“I complied with the SCS as far as I could,” González declared, “but the supplier who specialized in the health market was Ihsan and it was he who from the first moment had to inform us that the material they had ordered for 3M 1860 masks was not available. could ship in Europe," he said. The businessman pointed out that he did not know if the lawyer Charles Douglas -the fiduciary agent who participated in this operation- committed a possible "falsehood or wanted to score a goal", but he was clear that "he did it wrong. He is a European lawyer and knew the regulations and that is why I told him to get in touch with Health and bring the merchandise, that I had done enough to pay him », he explained.

Exculpated Intermediaries Invalid masks

The person in charge of RR7 United SL expressed his surprise at the fact that the Health Department of the Government of the Canary Islands had made a request for a material that presumably lacked homologation in Europe, as he explained, and when asked by the prosecutor if he had not verified this information in the case of a contract of such an entity, he replied that "how and why am I going to check it if the highest health authority of the islands is the one who commissioned it?", he replied. “We comply with the premises imposed by the SCS” and for that reason, “then they allowed us to bring other masks of another brand when they saw that the 3M ones were not worth it, in exchange for us supplying them with 200,000 more. The provider committed to that, "he narrated on Thursday in the City of Justice.

So, what happened so that they did not bring the merchandise to the islands after having received the amount of the contract in advance? The Anti-Corruption prosecutor asked him. To this question, Rayco González replied that “the supplier accepted this new condition of bringing 1.2 million masks from another brand named Honeywell. He never told me that he was not going to bring the product, but then he dedicated himself to making problems and procrastinating and that is why I did not respond to the requests that the Administration made me to return the amount of the contract. I did it wrong, but I was convinced that they - Ihsan and the Canary Health Service - were fixing this situation », he said.

When the case of the masks was revealed by CANARIAS7 last Thursday, May 12, Rayco González reported that he met with his lawyer and decided to report that he had been, in his opinion, scammed by the supplier and several intermediaries. «I don't know who has done something wrong here, but I am clear that it wasn't me. First of all, I obeyed the order by bringing the masks they ordered me. Second, I had to pay for the storage and destruction of merchandise that could not be shipped here in Spain. And finally, thirdly, I accepted a replacement because the supplier guaranteed me that it was feasible », he ordered. "Proof of this is that I know that there were direct conversations between the general directorate of Economic Resources of the Canary Health Service and the provider Ihsan Mahmhoud and other people such as Lucas Cruz and the British lawyer," he replied to Javier Ródenas. "Then when I found out there was a breach, I reported everything to the police, but to be clear, everyone was aware of the problem."

The businessman specialized in the automotive sector showed his intention to repair the damage caused to the coffers of the Canarian Executive and insisted that he wanted to serve the shipment of 1.2 million to the SCS for which he charged four million euros.

“Now that I found out that my partners did not comply with the contract, I am committed to serving a new shipment of 1.2 million masks of the same type that they had demanded at the time and I am responsible for paying for them.” That was his commitment: “I am going to offer Health the masks that they negotiated, regardless of the litigation that I may have with the supplier and the intermediaries, since they did not comply with the agreement that we signed at the time,” he advanced to the delegate prosecutor of Las Palmas of the Special Prosecutor's Office against Corruption and Organized Crime.

“Ihsan did poorly with the first shipment and with the second. Unfortunately, several months have passed since we signed the contract, but I promise to fulfill the commitment », he stressed.

Over the next few weeks, prosecutor Javier Ródenas will continue to collect evidence and take statements from those involved in the mask case.

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