June 17, 2021

Rozalén: “It would be very sad to take steps back in the face of sexist violence”

-When I don’t sing I die a little inside. I’ve had a sad season and I know it’s because I’m not singing what I should. It is the most desired tour of our life and the most careful I have ever done. We all agree on that and that will be seen on stage. Even if the album has a very therapeutic background and a critical social vision, he’s super danceable. I’m even training the dances, to give myself as if the world were going to end. I think people will leave the concerts with a lot of desire to live.

-Their songs help you get to know each other better?

-Yes. Being able to write what I live, feel and observe, and turn it into a song, frees me a lot. They tell me that many people feel identified with my songs, that serve them. I love that my songs help to live.

-Do you often find yourself diving inside?

-I always find some surprise. When I stand in front of the mirror, things appear that I don’t like about myself and that need to be improved, things that I know I have to work on. But for that I am, in the eternal search.

-What do you not like about yourself?

-Many things. I am very stubborn, quite proud, every time I distrust more, the inability I have to say ‘no’ … There is also the hypersensitivity, which makes me suffer too much and which is, at the same time, my virtue, since it allows me to make songs.

-Some songs in which she gets naked, in an exercise of sincerity.

-There are many people who have the character and the person. In my case no, it is clear that what people see is what there is. I like to be transparent with what I think, with what I feel and with what I am.

-‘The tree and the forest ‘is their latest album, which takes place in time to’ Con Derecho a ‘,’ Quien me has seen ‘and’ When the river sounds’. Did you discard many songs for those jobs? Is Rozalén a prolific and demanding author?

-Every two years I put out an album, for now, but I don’t make as many songs as my fellow singer-songwriters, who sometimes compose 30 or 40 songs for an album and make a selection. Not me, song that I make, song that goes on the album.

-Why did you choose a phrase by Aute to name your new album?

-Because Aute is a mirror in which to look at oneself. He gave me a drawn moonstone, with a phrase: Be a sun moon, not a sunflower because everyone looks to the same side and perhaps, if we knew how to look in another way, life would be in another way.

-What routine do you follow when composing?

-I’m very responsible. I get up early, and I am one of those who thinks that the muse has to find you working. I stand in front of the notebook with the guitar and things always come out. I love writing when we are on tour, on the road, saving voice audios, a curranta, as if I was studying …

-What led you to write a song like The day that I die?

-It’s that I think a lot about death. For many years I have imagined what my funeral will be like. You have to get close to death to keep it in mind. At the age of 34 I think I have lived things that some people do not live in two lives. If I left, it would be necessary to celebrate it with joy, to the Mexican. I recently saw one of the people I loved the most die: my grandmother. He had never seen anyone die.

– “How beautiful it will be to die, to die being loved.” Do you feel loved in the world of song?

-Yes. Sometimes I focus only on the hatred that comes but it is unfair, because I feel very loved by my colleagues and for the people who listen to me. The only important thing is that they remember you.

-One of his great songs is ‘Violet Gate’, a hymn against gender violence. Could politicians do more to end this scourge?

-At least they could not deny that it exists. That would be a very important step. Many steps forward have been taken against sexist violence and it would be very sad if we took those steps backwards now. I do not stop seeing situations of violence, listening to friends that things happen to them that should not happen, and deaths continue to rise. The songs are powerful, but sometimes I think that I am not doing anything in this fight.

-Now that you have a Goya (Why not, no), has your pride been enlarged?

-No way. I was very happy, and I needed it, me and the people around me. It makes me very happy. I want to continue doing my cosicas and flirting with other arts. I hope things continue to happen to me, regardless of the awards.


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