Royal House informs that the kings will stay at the embassy in the United Kingdom and the emeritus in a hotel "for logistical reasons"

Juan Carlos I has all the spotlight again after his decision to attend the funeral of Elizabeth II next Monday in London. The Royal House left it up to him to accept or not the invitation from the British monarchy, which had been sent to him in his capacity as former head of state. The presence of Juan Carlos de Borbón bothers the Government, which framed it in the private sphere and stressed that the official Spanish delegation is made up of Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz, who are accompanied by the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares. However, Queen Sofía will travel with that delegation on a Spanish Air Force plane this Sunday while the emeritus will do so on her own.

Regarding accommodation, the Royal House has reported that the king and queen will stay at the house of the ambassador to the United Kingdom while the emeritus will stay at a hotel. "According to reasons of a logistical and organizational nature, HM Queen Sofia will stay in the same hotel as HM King Juan Carlos," Zarzuela said in a note sent to journalists. Despite this differentiation, the queen emeritus will attend within the official delegation in the displacement as well as in her return to Madrid. What the Royal House needs is that Queen Letizia will fly directly to New York, where she has an agenda starting on the 20th.

According to El País, Juan Carlos de Borbón has informed people around him of his intention to travel on his own without stopping in Madrid or joining the Spanish delegation led by his son and who already has tickets for a commercial flight from the United Arab Emirates. United States, although he did not rule out traveling with the Emirati delegation. Britain has advised international leaders not to travel to London on private jets as Heathrow airport will not be available for such aircraft and they will have to land on less busy ones, according to Politico. The Spanish delegation will do so in an official army plane, as the Head of State and the President of the Government usually do. Zarzuela has avoided giving details about Juan Carlos de Borbón's trip while it has reported on his accommodation in London.

The decision of Juan Carlos I to attend the funeral of Isabel II has special media relevance given that it may be the first image of the monarchs with him for more than a year, although they met for hours in Zarzuela during his visit to Spain in June. However, Casa Real assures that for now it has no information on how the authorities will dispose of it, so it remains up in the air that there will be a joint snapshot. “The House of HM the King does not currently have details on the distribution and location of authorities during the state funeral. All organizational and protocol aspects correspond exclusively to the British authorities”, they point out.

It was the Royal House itself that left the decision in her hands after receiving an invitation from the UK Foreign Office for the emeritus in her capacity as former head of state and wife. Juan Carlos I, who has a pending case in the United Kingdom for a complaint of harassment by Corinna Larsen, responded affirmatively, placing Felipe VI in a difficult situation. The Government has completely disassociated itself from the move and maintains that it is an issue that falls within the personal sphere and that Spain will be represented exclusively by the current monarchs. Moncloa has been profiled with this matter from the first moment by leaving all the decisions in the hands of Zarzuela, including the participation of the emeritus, which makes the Executive notably uncomfortable. “In this matter I can say that the Government is fully coordinated with the Royal House and we take care of and care about the delegation that is headed by the Head of State and Queen Letizia,” Sánchez himself replied in an interview on TVE in which he He limited himself to saying about the presence of the emeritus that "it is a matter that falls to King Juan Carlos."

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