Roy Andersson: "Pretty little life lasts as a bad mood" | Culture

Half of the night. Middle-aged marriage. She complains about a mosquito. He appears with an insecticide. He begins to pursue the insect throughout the room, with parsimony but firmness. She turns on the light. He has been wrong. The spray is graffiti and has left a trail of green phosphorite on the walls of the bedroom. The ad is for house painting, one of the more than four hundred examples that can be seen on YouTube of the talent for the surrealism of Roy Andersson (Gothenburg, 1943), with which it became one of the great references of European advertising. "That's why I've only shot five movies in my life," says the filmmaker. "Because I have worked for companies from all over the continent and in different languages, and they always allowed me to tell the stories I wanted and mount the ads as I wanted. I think if you saw them all together a great movie would come out. "

Ruben Östlund, his disciple, assures that in Sweden there are two sides: or the followers of Bergman or those of Andersson. And they are not worth half measures. "I respect a lot to Ingmar Bergman ", ensures the aforementioned. "But it's not really my thing. What is life without a smile? Quite a bit lasts this as to above pass it in a bad mood ". Andersson received an honorary award on Friday European film festival of Seville, showed fragments of his new movie, tentatively titled On infinity and in which he adapts The 1,001 nights, and he has taken advantage of the trip to Spain to return to the Prado Museum - as he did on Sunday - to see the work of his favorite painter, Goya. A fall in which his hip was damaged ten days ago forces him to move with a cane. "And I'm going deaf", jokes with his macarrónico English. "Like Goya. Phew, The disasters of the War, The whims... I first met his engravings, then his paintings and he became my main influence as a creator, "he recalls. "I like artists who x-ray people. My first long was neorealist [ASwedishLoveStory[ASwedishLoveStory of 1970], for my favorite movie then and today, The bicycle thief. Then he entered my life Buñuel -How is it Viridiana- and I turned to surrealism. There I found myself as a creator. And until today. "

His handful of films has won from the Jury Prize in Cannes to the Golden Lion in Venice (with A dove perched on a branch to reflect on its existence). Do you regret not having made more movies? "Do not. With how well I've spent rolling ads in freedom! Who assured me that in the cinema? " Andersson does not like to leave the studios of his company, Studio 24, and that's why his cinema recreates exteriors in a hilarious way, with scenarios that underline its falsity while it happens in front ... of everything. "I've done it again in On the infinite. I have chained stories thanks to a voice in off female, that of Sherezade. She was the first great storyteller, and for me art is telling stories with a smile. The rest, imposture. " To a good listener ...

So, is he accepted as the son of Buñuel and father of Östlund, who won last year the Golden Palm of Cannes with The Square? "Nice family tree Yes, I was Ruben's teacher At the end of his time at the academy he won a prize and it was my turn to give him the diploma, and I had a great time when we discovered right away that he had been given a name and a surname and Östlund Rubenson, for me that was a sign that humor would make his career great, we stayed very often, if anything, he rolls too fast. " Andersson has never felt alone as a Nordic creator endowed with such a Mediterranean mood. "Because I have always collaborated with the same team, with what I felt protected, understood". And have you seen any film that has come close in recent years to his way of understanding cinema? Andersson reflects: "The creators only focus on shooting with a very marked style, and very fast step in. They forget about humanity ... Being honest, I do not respect the current filmmakers very much". Would you name any? Is not there a movie of the last years that interested you? "Well, yes, but it's two decades old. Strangers in paradise [en realidad es más vieja, ya que se estrenó en 1984], I saw her recently. Very good, and with a great sense of humor. "Choices to choose, Jim Jarmusch He does not look like Buñuel's heir either.


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