August 11, 2020

Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies

Marie Fredriksson, singer of the Swedish group Roxette has passed away at age 61. The singer was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2002, as confirmed by the band's press manager, Marie Dimberg.

“With great sadness we must announce that one of our greatest and dearest artists has passed away. Marie Fredriksson died on the morning of December 9, ”Dimberg wrote in a press release.

Also, in the account of Roxette on Instagram they have uploaded a brief photo in which the name of the singer appears and her year of birth and death.

Marie Fredriksson has been one of the most successful international singers with a great projection since she started with the other 50 percent of Roxette, Per Gessle in 1986. The first single of this Swedish couple was 'Neverending Love' will be part of the memory for not talk about ‘The Look’ a song that is part of the story of the song. [/ embed]

In his credit they have offered throughout his career almost 600 shows, selling more 75 million records and reaching four numbers one of the list ‘Billboard’ American.

Diagnosed of a brain tumor in 2002

In 2002 a brain tumor was detected and from there, he always wanted to recover so he could return to the stage. Fredriksson had to undergo multiple and very hard radiotherapy treatments that would leave many sequels. In fact, he had to learn to walk, talk and read again.

Marie Fredriksson's life has not been easy as she discovered in the autobiographical book. ‘Listen to my heart’ that published Dome this year. [/ embed]

She was born in the family of a humble family, when she was 7 years old she lost her 20-year-old sister in a traffic accident.

In the middle of his successful career, he was diagnosed with his tumor. In the pages of his memoirs tell how he lived those first moments, where many people around her neither dared to approach her, nor knew what to say, and the rejection she felt when, as a result of the medication, she began to swell and nobody recognized her.

With much determination he returned to the stage in 2007 although alone. Even so, I knew that I couldn't keep up with the rhythm of yesteryear: "Unfortunately, my tour days are over and I want to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful fans who have accompanied us on this long journey," he reflected.

In 2011 he was returning again with Roxette, although he had disagreements with his manager to feel excluded and see that his opinion did not count.

In 2016 the singer said goodbye to the stages on the 30th anniversary of the flagship band: “30 amazing years” of those who only feel “joy and happiness”. "Over the years, all our shows and memories will continue to be an important part of my life," I recalled knowing that there would be no more tours. It was in that same year, when his concert was canceled because doctors advised him not to travel.

This past December 9 has said goodbye one of the most spectacular voices of all time.


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