Rovira (ERC) affirms that Budgets "are from an oppressive and repressive Government"

The general secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira, today has been against the independence negotiation negotiates the State Budget since, as said, the PSOE "only wants to negotiate what interests you" and Budgets "remain those of a Oppressive and repressive government ".

In statements made in Catalunya Radio from Geneva (Switzerland), Marta Rovira has indicated that after the requests of penalties from the Prosecutor's Office against the pro-independence prisoners do not see "that the PSOE Government is taking steps to resolve the conflict politically."

"On the contrary," he said, "a few days ago we have seen that he uses the instruments at his disposal to continue the repression."

In this context, he has asked himself "how someone dares to put pressure on ERC" so that he approves a Budget of the State "at the same time that he asks for 25 years in prison for his president".

"How many budget items is my freedom worth and can I return to my country?", He asked, before adding that "if you really want to go into this, put it all on the table", since, at last, finally, "these budgets continue to be those of an oppressive and repressive government".


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