December 4, 2020

ROUND TABLE | The right to representation, as a collaborating medium of the Gijón International Film Festival, broadcasts live the 5 round tables organized in this 58th edition of FICX, which will take place between 20 and 28 November.

The right to representation – Tuesday 24 at 6.30 p.m.

They will debate César González (Cage Rain), Pedro Sara and Cristina Luna (Love without a city), Diego Mondaca (Chaco), and will be moderated by Laura García Higueras, a journalist for and Vertele.

We will talk about the need for a first-person cinema when portraying certain realities and communities. It is not the same to film a town in Buenos Aires with a team of 100 people and first-rate stars than to portray it from the inside, from the everyday, with a pulse that the day-to-day experience makes irreplaceable.


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