Rototom Sunsplash: The reggae festival that helps save lives at sea | Miss Festivals Blog

Rototom Sunsplash: The reggae festival that helps save lives at sea | Miss Festivals Blog

There are 2,000 lives that have been left adrift in the Mediterranean in 2018. Stopping this statistic dry is the leitmotiv of humanitarian rescue organizations like Proactiva Open Arms Y Professional Emergency Aid (Proemaid). These are two of the NGOs to which the international reggae festival Rototom Sunsplash in Benicàssim (Castellón) will allocate part of the 43,000 euros of direct aid. With them will support the projects developed by six social entities in different parts of the world "to add justice, equality and dignity to the world", indicate from the organization of the festival.

A Proactiva Open Arms and Proemaid join Stand Up For Jamaica, the Popular Union of Street Vendors in Barcelona – better known as the Mantero Trade Union -, Café de las Sonrisas and the ProGat animal shelter. Together they add a balance of solidarity that puts the finishing touch to a special year with capital letters for the festival: the 25th anniversary of the musical macro -With 208,000 attendees from 66 countries- and the same one in which reggae, its reason for being, has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. 2018 also leaves another recognition: that of Best Social Action in the Fest Awards. An award that recognizes the social commitment of the international reggae festival, which is held every August at the Benicàssim concert venue.

Two of the entities to which the Rototom Sunsplash, through its non-profit organization Exodus, has extended its social action have as a priority the humanitarian rescue of people who risk their lives every day trying to reach European coasts. across the Mediterranean. One of them is Proactiva Open Arms, to whom the entire collection of the reusable cups system has been destined to eliminate the consumption of plastic. Thanks to the solidarity of the public that has donated the euro previously paid for its glass, 13,000 euros have been obtained, which together with the other 13,000 euros added by the festival, will serve the NGO to initiate the project 'Protection by presence, humanitarian rescue and citizen dissemination. The emergency response to the humanitarian blackout in the Central Mediterranean. ' An intervention that will allow to continue with its promise not to leave "a single life adrift" and in which various actors of civil society participate "in the same way that we have done from Rototom", point out from the macro-reggae.

Proactiva Open Arms affirm that initiatives such as the Rototom cup collection campaign "allow us to continue with our promise not to leave a single life adrift. Thanks to donations, we can continue with our rescue missions in the Mediterranean, "which in 2018 has seen almost 2,000 people die.

"We are annoying because we give eyes to the refugees," said Leticia Cabo, a doctor from Proactiva, during the talk Walking together with the refugees that he gave at the Rototom Sunsplash Social Forum on August 20. A meeting that served to capture the obstacles that hampered the work of all organizations of humanitarian rescue in Europe, but also to show support for this "commendable work" by the public of the festival, added from the Sunsplash.

"The Rototom loudspeaker allows us to sensitize and make visible, put eyes where administrations and governments do not want to be looked at. And, above all, it allows to give voice to those who do not have, to all those people who are silenced, "declares the Open Arms team.

It also joins the organizations to which Sunsplash will lend its support Proemaid, which focuses its work on helping and rescuing people at serious risk at sea. The NGO plans to charter a new ship in the Central Mediterranean. The 5,000 euros contributed by the Rototom Sunsplash will serve to support this project.

The bonds of solidarity that extend from Benicàssim to the rest of the world also reach Jamaica. Specifically, the entity Stand Up For Jamaica, which provides attention to vulnerable groups and at extreme risk of social exclusion and that will acquire with the 5,000 euros received books, computers and school supplies for the 80 students of their school, who will also help with the cost of their exam fees to ensure their right to education.

Without leaving Latin America, Café de las Sonrisas emerges, another of the projects to which the Rototom Sunsplash has wished to add its support. 2,000 euros with which the macrame workshop in which Nicaraguan women work at personal and social risk, with difficult access to the world of work, will be resumed. "The money invested in supporting women ultimately reverts to the community and is the best way to contribute to development," they point out from Café de las Sonrisas.

The Mantero Syndicate, present last August at the Social Forum of the Rototom Sunsplash, has finalized the start-up of a new cooperative to strengthen at the same time the Fashion line Top Blanket with which they make themselves known and with which they self-finance to fight for decent living conditions. The contribution of the festival (2,000 euros), aims to pave a little more the way to this fought dream by the collective of street vendors.

The ProGat Animal Protection Association is the sixth entity to which Sunsplash's social action is directed. The contribution (3,000 euros) will be used to provide veterinary and health assistance to animals rescued by the protector, and will mainly help cover high-cost surgical interventions.


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