Rotary Club is involved with the construction of a unitary school in La Palma

The solidarity organization, with a million members in the world, launches the campaign 'Uno por La Palma'

The Rotary clubs of the Canary Islands have come together to help the island of La Palma to have a Unitary School in the Los Llanos area within 2-3 years.

And they will do it through donations of all kinds, coordinated with the Government of the Canary Islands, whose president, Ángel Víctor Torres, has already shown his predisposition for the Isla Bonita to recover, much improved, one of its educational enclaves.

The Rotary School project in La Palma is an ideal instrument for companies to achieve a greater social commitment to the community in which they carry out their activities.

By collaborating with this initiative, they will be able to contribute visibly and with guarantees, to the reconstruction of the schools affected by the eruption of the volcano, at the same time that both the partners, as well as the directors and employees, will be able to be actively involved in a far-reaching proposal, making its clients, deeply sensitized by the tragedy suffered in La Palma, visualize the entity's degree of social commitment.

The concept of the 'One for La Palma' Campaign invites all citizens who are aware of what has happened on the Island of La Palma, whether they are Rotarians or not, to contribute at least one euro, in a simple way, through Bizum or by email. transfer to the Caixa account, in the name of the Humanitarian Foundation of Spanish Rotarians.

All the money raised will go exclusively to this project, without representation or organizational costs, since Rotary clubs have no personnel or organization costs. All of their work is voluntary and internal running costs are paid for out of monthly dues.

This project is one of the most important that has been carried out by Rotary in Spain and therefore needs the help and commitment of many people and organizations. All donations are welcome and with everyone's efforts we will be able to carry this project forward.

For donations of more than €100, the Foundation may be asked for a certificate of deductions with which to deduct the amounts donated in the income statement or in the Corporation Tax.

For companies and large donors, it has several very interesting counterparts planned.

Paul Harris' initiative in 1905

Founded in 1905 in Chicago, United States, by the lawyer Paul Harris, Rotary was born with the purpose of bringing together a group of professionals from various sectors, with the intention of promoting the exchange of ideas and the forging of friendship ties.

Over time, Rotary's reach and vision gradually extended to humanitarian service.

Today, Rotary International has a worldwide network of more than 46,000 clubs, made up of 1.4 million community members, friends, leaders, and people dedicated to solving problems and helping those most in need, in virtually every country in the world.

Since 1977, the main humanitarian work of Rotary International has been the fight against Polio, a disease that has been practically eradicated thanks to the vaccination promoted by this organization.

Child care, access to drinking water and the defense of peace are other of the many areas in which Rotary International develops its charitable activity.

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