November 28, 2020

Rosmen: “This project is going to be different, more ours than ever” – La Provincia

Captain Rosmen Quevedo will continue during the 2020/2021 campaign defending the UD Lanzarote shirt in the Canarian group of the Third Division. A campaign that is presented with a renewed sports project, with a very local squad and with the desire to continue fighting for the top positions in the classification. The striker is eager and excited to return to the Ciudad Deportiva pitch.

How do you face this new season with UD Lanzarote?

With enthusiasm and wanting to return to doing the sport that we all like so much, and with the hope and hope that everything turns out well.

What is your assessment of the season made by the team last season?

It was an atypical season from the beginning with all the problems that arose, and marked by the pandemic that hit us and made us end the season that way.

You have always been in contact with the club and for weeks only the signature of your renewal remained …

We have been in talks with the management and we were just waiting for the moment because it is going to be a longer summer than normal and there was no rush to rush. The day has come to sign and wanting to return.

What can you tell us about the project in which the sports management of UD Lanzarote is working?

The information that the club has given me so far is that it is working with a lot of patience and doing things as well as possible. The aim is to reinforce the squad with people from the island in order to compete as much as possible. This project will be different and special because it will be more ours than ever and with the hope of doing the best possible for the club and the island.

What message would you give to the faithful fans of UD Lanzarote?

Little can be asked of fans. That they continue supporting the club, this representative of the island and that they trust in a native project with people who feel the colors. We will try between them and us to take the club as high as possible.


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