Rosell says goodbye this week to a CEOE altered by the budget agreement

Rosell says goodbye this week to a CEOE altered by the budget agreement

The CEOE celebrates this week board of directors, the last Juan Rosell as president of the employers, which will be dismissed in an environment altered by the budget agreement agreed by the Government and United Podemos, which are considered harmful to companies and contrary to dialogue Social.

The next October 17 will be the executive committee and board of directors of the CEOE, in which Rosell plans to take stock of his eight years taking the helm of the employers in a final appearance before the elections on November 21.

It seemed that it was going to be a quiet succession in front of the employers, with the election practically "by acclamation" of the current president of Cepyme, Antonio Garamendi, until now only candidate, but the events of this week have altered the businessmen.

The budgetary pact reached by the Government and Unidos Podemos, among other measures, raises the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) to 900 euros per month in 14 payments in 2019 and introduces changes in fiscal matters, mainly in corporate tax.

Specifically, the pact proposes to establish a minimum rate of corporate tax of 15% for large companies and 18% for banking and oil companies, and reduce from 100% to 95% the exemption of dividends and capital gains of business groups.

The CEOE has already advanced its critics before the increase of the fiscal load on the companies anticipated in the budgetary agreement, since it will reduce competitiveness to the economy and will introduce legal uncertainty that will delay the investment decisions.

Thus, Rosell remembered yesterday that Spain is above the European average in social contributions and in the tax of societies, reason why it would not see well that they are increased.

But the main criticism of the leader of the employers came by the increase of the SMI, since it considers that "questions the social dialogue" to set something that should be the result of an agreement with the social partners.

Likewise, he thinks that he skips what was agreed by employers and unions at the beginning of July, in the IV Agreement for Employment and Collective Bargaining (AENC), which set a minimum wage in the agreement of 1,000 euros to be applied progressively until 2020.

Therefore, the CEOE complain that this measure, which does not respect what was agreed in collective bargaining, will have "negative effects" on it and generate distrust among foreign funds and investors.

Neither "sounds good" this agreement for Garamendi, who also requested that the rise of pensions not be conditioned only to the IPC, as the text states, since "it has its danger".

To add a little more excitement at the moment, it was learned earlier this week that Rosell, together with UGT General Secretary Pepe Álvarez, had visited the former Vice President of the Government and ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, in the prison of Lladoners (Barcelona ), generating some discomfort in some areas.

Rosell, who has always regretted being considered a Catalanist in Madrid and a Spaniard in Catalonia, said he has not received any internal criticism for this decision and that it is a "private" visit, like many others he has done, and that they are not commented.


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