January 18, 2021

Rosalía's undisputed fans | Culture

The first on the forehead was given Amaya remedies. And when the singer went up Friday night to the stage of the Rocío Jurado auditorium to celebrate the 50 years of her career Cocoon of Jerez He said: "I have seen Rosalia for the first time. She is a charming, very pretty, and also an artist, in her own." The Sevillian cantaora verbalized the feelings of many flamenco artists, fans and artists, who see the 25-year-old Catalan woman who continues to reap international successes – in August she won the best Latin video and best choreography awards at the MTV Music Award and in 2018 received a Latin Grammy for Badly– like an intruder.

The artist who has devastated her With height He left the stage after one in the morning and sang with Capullo de Jerez Fight for freedom leaving all the prominence for the singer. With a red dress with white polka dots, high neck and a side opening that almost reached her hip, the singer was only 10 minutes on stage, but raised passions: "Rosalia, smell your pussy there," a lady shouted excited ; while some boys commented: "It seemed lower in the networks" and a man, beyond, added: "You have to compliment this girl." After interpreting Say my name and give Capullo a big hug, Rosalia he left and with it part of the audience that had gone to see live the artist who revolutionizes everything he touches.

In spite of the resentment and that very few wanted to recognize it, Rosalia has been the great attraction of the cartel for the 6,500 people who filled the auditorium of the island of La Cartuja. "I have come for everyone but, the truth, for Rosalia the least because I am very flamenco," said a viewer who sang, almost without error, the songs that the singers performed for more than three and a half hours Archangel, Rancapino Chico, Manuel Cortés, Marina, singer-songwriter David DeMaría or the catchy songs of the Jerez group Maita Vende Cá.

Although the first part of the concert did not sound much like flamenco, El Balilla, who at 16 has been the youngest of the evening, raised the audience from their seats. The cantaor from Cartagena, out of the television show The voice Kids, already has four albums and a lot jondura in the throat.

Capullo, who says that his mother put the alias on him because he was a little boy, like a little chap, has recorded a new album, My music, which includes a collaboration with Alejandro Sanz, to celebrate half a century of singing. The artist went on stage after midnight and stayed with his guests until the end of the concert, which closed next to the dancer Antonio Canales. "This audience removes Tol felt. It gives you courage pa do beautiful things, "said the singer who lacks a good part of his teeth and, as they say in his town," does not want to wear it because he fears he will not sing the same. "

Miguel Flores, a 65-year-old Jerez from whom 50 has been singing, is called the lord of the bulería, for his taste for the festive songs; although in his homage he also sang serious sticks such as the soleá that he played a cappeller making compass on a table next to Arcángel and Rancapino Chico. A picture of the three ages of man, and of singing, which imposed a respectful silence throughout the auditorium.

"A year ago I would never have thought of seeing myself here, but I am delighted," said a 20-year-old Advertising student at the end of the concert, a confessed fan of Rosalia, who was a follower friend of one of the advertised singers but was not there at the end. , Pedro el Granaíno, has introduced the winding paths of flamenco. "You may like Rosalia and flamenco, there is no reason to choose," he settled.


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