Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Rosalía vindicates free abortion in her concert in Mexico

Rosalía reivindica el aborto libre en su concierto de México

Rosalía this weekend has resonated strongly in a concert on the outskirts of Mexico City in which the public gave itself completely to the first show offered by this Spanish revelation in Mexican lands. "Why so much love? If we come from far away, "the artist asked between mischievous and surprised, after noting the warm reception given to her by the public of the Ceremonia festival.

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And it is that no one should be surprised by this huge reception after the success that the 25-year-old singer in Argentina and Chile had this week, and even more being Mexico one of the Latin American countries with a closer relationship with Spanish culture.

Rosalía decided to brighten the skin of the assistants recovering their flamenco beginnings

Rosalía (Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Barcelona, ​​1993) knew how to quickly put the public in her pocket when she opened the show with her already famous I think about your look, a mixture of urban rhythms and flamenco that led the Mexican public to wear their palms to the same level as their hips. But the Catalan did not travel 9,000 kilometers just to make the audience dance. He also showed his most vindictive side by singing "No man I consent to dictate my sentence", with a green handkerchief in his hand in favor of the legalization of abortion in Mexico.

The Catalan was very acclaimed for this action, which promoted a great green tide among the public. Subsequently, in social networks have been many fans who appreciated this gesture on stage.

The show continued and the singer bristled the skin of the audience recovering her flamenco beginnings, which allowed her to project a jet of voice with which she silenced those who criticized her for singing flamenco without being gypsy. In addition, tears with which he interpreted Katherine They passed through the stage and the three giant screens that surrounded it to slide down the cheeks of an audience moved and stupefied by their passionate chants. A passion embodied in the intense red color with which the artist dressed, who was accompanied by a cast of six dancers who choreographed to the smallest detail their successes Baghdad Y Say my name.

The Catalan chose to dry the tears of the public with her versatile repertoire, which led her to cover I'm loving you madly of the Grecas as to play with the assistants to the rhythm of successive "olés".

Her poise on stage had dazzled the audience so much that the young woman allowed herself the luxury of interrupting the concert for a minute to get a "selfie" projected on giant screens with a filter that gave her more childish features.

And it is that this willingness to experiment was the one that led Rosalía to launch last week "Con altura", a single with which she was baptized in reggaeton by the hand of the godfather of this genre, the Colombian J Balvin.

The tears with which Rosalía interpreted 'Catalina' pierced the stage

With this song, Rosalía allowed the audience to recover the "perreo" that a few hours before had brought her countrywoman Bad Gyal, who made the audience vibrate with defiant dances and her mix of urban and Jamaican rhythms.

The final touch of the night came from the hand of Badly, simple that in little more than a year has turned Rosalía's tra-trá into a universal sound projected even on the screens of Times Square in New York. And it is that the international outbreak of the Catalan has been very recent, with the release of his second album, The bad want (2018), acclaimed by the critics and awarded with two Latin Grammy.

An impulse that seems unstoppable for the singer, who is in full tour that will take her to stages in Latin America, the United States and Europe where they expect to hear her Badly. With this song, the Mexican public sealed their love relationship with Rosalía, who promised "not to waste a minute in thinking badly again".

The singer was acclaimed singing "No man I consent to my sentence," with a green handkerchief in favor of the legalization of abortion in Mexico.

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