Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Rosalía, the Barcelonian woman who makes America dance

Rosalía, la barcelonesa que hace bailar a América

Following with an admirably effective planning, the disembarkation of Rosalía in land
american it is being certified not only with success but with the feeling that the expectations awakened have multiplied. its performance at the Coachella festival -You still need a second concert on the same stage this Friday- shows that the show business American is blessing her in situ.

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And he is doing it in such a peculiar event as Coachella, where the intrinsically musical value of the call is intimately at odds with its dimension as a showcase for youtubers or influencers and, also, catwalk of fashion and trends. In this sense, and seeing its echo in social networks, his two performances in the Californian festival have hit the bull's-eye. On the one hand, on his own, offered on the opening day of Friday, where he rehearsed in less than an hour a very accurate repertoire of what is Rosalía and his music. That is, a mixture of flamenco and urban music of additive effects.

The singer recognizes that "I, the band and the dancers were very excited with the response from the audience"

Because in addition to a good part of the content of his acclaimed album El mal querer - Malamente, Pienso en tu mirá, Damn, Do not let the moon come out, Baghdad, No man, You do not come out, Say my name ... - He gave life to other significant things. Beginning with a new foray into the incunabula of flamenco-rumba-pop, this time I'm loving you madly from Las Grecas, after having traveled in the past on pieces such as "I stay with you from Los Chunguitos" (which led to from gypsy activist sectors accuse it of cultural appropriationism), and to baste a Parrita remix of less than two minutes. Before all this, shortly after starting his concert, he gave life to his recent and extraordinary collaboration with James Blake, Barefoot in the park -pop-synth, Anglo-Saxon audience-, and as the last fundamental ingredient, his incursions into urban rhythms Latinos by the hand of J Balvin, in the form of Brightness and With height. She herself admitted yesterday to La Vanguardia that "it was incredible how the public responded. Both me and the band and the dancers were very excited and eager to play. "

This last theme had seen the light a couple of weeks ago in the face of this landing on American lands and its concrete presence in Coachella ... because the second appearance of Rosalia this weekend at the festival was precisely in the concert that offered the Colombian star the day before yesterday on the main stage. hand to hand surrounded by a colorful choreography, innocent and cheerful, next to the reggaeton star, visibly pleased. Inscribed planetary impact, as reflected yesterday by the Billboard musical bible.

The extramusical transcendence of the Rosalia phenomenon is also one of the characteristics of this tour across the Atlantic. Although the stage where he acted / will act in Coachella is not of the first magnitude, the awakened expectation makes his concerts especially remarkable. And from this perspective is where they acquire all their weight phrases like "Coachella, my name is Rosalia. I come from Barcelona, ​​from very far away ... and it means so much to me, for my people to be here "pronounced last Friday shortly before I started to sing one of his novel themes, like Ali.

Finally, as was said at the beginning, the dosage of your proposal and the timing used by the singer of Sant Esteve Sesrovires are proving to be a success. That without forgetting that after this first stage in the Californian festival (this Friday will offer its second concert), it already has closed dates (and sold) in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto and two consecutive nights in New York at the end of the month.

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