Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Rosalia fa delirious Barcelona

Ahir Rosalia penjava a tweet in what, amb unes imatges d’aficionats corejant With height to London, writes “Today Palaaauuu. I see you all, Barcelonaaaa ”, which is going to be retuitejat, among high-ranking people, by Ada Colau and Maria Rodés. A simple show botó of l’expectació that the Catalan artist has awakened both concerts Barcelona at Palau Sant Jordi, in an amateur as amazonian with heterogeneity.

The first is going to take place at the end of the day, as was the hope – the good temp is also going to help – it is to complete the predictions of success, assistance and, above all, an artist who, once a month later , will demonstrate the seva condition of global icon. Prop of 16,000 people (over-young and teenagers) are going to attack the pope with the face of congratulations: sure there was no one who connected the six direct addresses of Barcelona who was fond of and perseverant students; els that will have the sort of veure-la cantant amb C. Tangana Before i die or Call me later ; amb Refree a l'’ Auditori del Fòrum, or the new Rosalía al Sónar 2018 or Primavera Sound 2019.

Ortodox teloner flamenc

Significantly, with teloner va tenirels aires flamencs of the bailaor El Polito

Ahir s’strenava with a solo figure at Palau Sant Jordi at the capdavant of a spectacle and an artistic team that has the last flavorful globes of the tour d’ Evil want . Des de l’esmentada last acted Barcelona, ​​the setlist de Rosalia has anat engrandint-se a measura that anaven surgixentsingles al mercat. Ahir l’aficionat entregat –amb a remarkable female presence– is going to be able to have an exact idea, for an hour and mitigates at the end of a month of canons, of Rosalía´s current poders that repertori fa.

For scalping l'assumpte and the long wait, the vito of the vespre will be on stage to stage El Polito, contrastat bailaor sevillà emparentat amb Farruco i ha ha temperature l'escenari amb star names with Beyoncé or Madonna. Accompanied by the cantaor Juan José Amador, Carlos de Jacoba and Paco Vega, he will poach for a long time only l'ambient onlyment and significantly d´intensos i orthodox air flamencs mentre l’ampli recinte s’anava omplint amb parsimònia. After an interval d’a altra mitja hora, les nou i deu will start the xou. As I had foreseen, tot i canviant l'ordre de com ho va fer in els seus dos concerts d'aquesta setmana to Paris and London, Rosalía goes fer a repàs that is not only, in the most essential part, of which it is will be able to win the Primavera Sound to June. This vegada will start ambme verria vermella, amb I think of you look , but you will say "Barcelona!" Les seves ballarines, also vermell, pants llargs and top. In the end it is going to bow fent a salutació, it is going to cover the excited face, more to the pit. Will continue ambla so recent Pallet , alone and amb imatgesad hoc on a later screen. I will never speak more: “Soc molt feliç of being here at the new city, Déu meu, so much people, is so pleasing, fifth honor! Moltes gràcies! ” Will continue amb From madrugá (quin doll de veu), they will follow the first cover of the nit amb the subjugadora Barefoot in the park, from James Blake, May the moon not rise, you are pinzellades of Damn and that meravella titled Katherine sung amb els cabells desbocats (only ingredient of his first album, The Angels ). A song that will be dedicated in Catalan to the semester of flamenco cant Chiqui de la Línea, presented to the concert: “Tot he who knows more will teach him. T’estimo molt. The flamenc is the great grand passió and more pleasant than anything else, the pizza per exemple ”.

Homenatge sentit

Homenatjar Chiqui, the professor of cant flamenc: “Tot the one that I know is going to teach him”

Then they will go parade Although it is night ( immortalized by Las Grecas) , an intro of Say my name i You don't leave here . A breu pause with a video of the assailant per reaparèixer and attacking a pop-urbà repertoire to begin with l'autòctona Milionària chunked pels 16,000 colls i going to splice amb the correlative God free us from money. Will continue amb Baghdad, it will turn the clamor amb Brightness , amb les seves ulleres fosques and sensual resseguiment, the unstoppable i in synthetic clau versió del Don't call me I'm not going anymore of, the total synthetic I feel it i d’allà a parell de bombes firmades amb Ozuna i JBalvin, respectively , I x you, you x me i With height ( aquesta de deliri absolut i the video clip of which has been up to Espanya aquest any ). Això yes, among an i l’altre, he will confess amb els ulls humits “that has been the million of life and has statues to you”.

To the final part of the festival, a three-phase that will summarize the six poders: No man, Aute cuture and the grinder Badly , considered per seva penya as the favorite. Per al bany de masses –molt civilitzades; It is going to be quite unusual to see the Palau track a unique and quite barren bar bar, which is the usual bar, – the difference of the great Anglo-Saxon star stars, per exemple, Rosalia is not going to offer an extensive production: a small center of technical control to the mig of the track and a scene of proportions normals amb a breu passarel·la central. On l'escenari, the ja conegut: the seu formidable cos of ball, palmers and coristes, and on one end the Guincho amb la seva taula, the seva electronic percussion and les seves veus.

Double offer

The second part of the vetllada, focused on the most synthetic and urban music offer

I went to the nit to Barcelona, ​​enmig de tota aquesta voràgine of music, tensed, scenography, veu, spectacle, palms, panteixos and xivarris the one that will remain fora of tot dubte is that great part of tot això is deu to the feina, to perseverança, to rigor and to talent to dojo d'una artist who has not obliged les seves arrels and who values ​​music, art and culture.

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