Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Rosalía dares to rap in her new video clip: 'A Palé'

One year after
Rosalia confirm that it is a world star
with the publication of his second album, Evil want, the Catalan artist returns to the fray with a new theme:
To pallet
. A song that comes accompanied by a spectacular video clip and where Rosalia even dares to rap.

In just over 15 hours the video already touched the 2.5 million views on YouTube. The publication has been a surprise for the fans, who were only notified that there would be a new video a few hours earlier through a Instagram's post on Instagram.

‘To Palé’

From the initial sweet melody to the most raw rap

The Catalan woman introduces this single with a sweet melody, similar to those used in her debut opera, The evil want. However, a few seconds later the subject becomes something totally different, much more crude and dark, but without losing Rosalía's identity seal.

Nobody escapes the wink either Frida Kahlo throughout the video clip The author of Badly this time he wears a false eyebrow like the one that the Mexican painter and feminist popularized. In addition, it also decorates your body with its traditional infinite nails and a gold dental prosthesis.

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To pallet is co-produced by the own Rosalia in collaboration with El Guincho and Frank Dudes. The title is another nod to Catalan's childhood, as Sony Music details in a statement: “It takes the name, literally, of the wooden pallets practically ubiquitous in Rosalia's life for years, while growing up in Baix Llobregat, dominated by industrial estates and trucks ”.

The music video has been directed by Jora Frantzis and there we can see Rosalia dancing and jumping between stacked containers. Styling has been carried out by Palomo Spain, which for the occasion has opted for a white look of two pieces of petal pants and cropped jacket with puffed sleeves.

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