Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

Rosalia becomes divine

It is already known that the Lord is omnipresent, even in Las Vegas. Fear and disgust in Las Vegas , according to Hunter S. Thompson's novel in his wild descent into the hell of the American dream.

What better way to conjure the fame of "the city of sin" than to appeal to the Almighty. This was mostly understood by artists – usually associated with dissolute life – who participated in the twentieth edition of the Latin Grammy Thursday night, yesterday morning in Sant Esteve Sesrovires.

This daughter has nothing badly put her daughter on the map Rosalia, the great winner of the celebration after taking three golden gramophones of the important ones, among them the most precious, that of album of the year by Evil want
. She is the first woman to get it since Shakira did it in 2006 ( Oral Fixation Vol. 1 ). Before, no other solo.

He won the awards for best album and best pop album for ‘El mal querer’ and the urban song for ‘With height’

God was the common gratitude among those distinguished in the evening that enshrined the international success of Catalan, the “flamenco pop star” in words of the website Vulture .

"Rosalia proved once again that it embodies the perfect marriage between the past and the present, organically mixing the traditional sounds of flamenco and classic sounds of pop, reggaeton and trap," they underlined on the NBC network in their praise.

Magazine Rolling stone said that Evil want , his second studio album, "is an impressive fusion of old-school flamenco and hyper modern electronic production."

The United States has surrendered to its magic. Since in 2018 he monopolized two of these awards – not of so much rank -, his star has grown in illumination incessantly.

His concerts, like the ones he performed last spring in Manhattan, hang the poster of sold out , all paper sold. Until The New York Times He dedicated a few weeks ago his cover of the Sunday magazine, an achievement within reach of very few and that has aroused not a few envies. Some who go from purists have wanted to delegitimize their work. On the other hand, Carmen Linares, legend of the cante, defends it. “Rosalia doesn't say she does flamenco. If I said that it is cante jondo, then I could tell you something. It is inspired by flamenco, yes, but it is a very prepared artist. There are always people who do not agree with what one does but must continue on their way, ”he stressed in a recent visit to the Big Apple.

That it was the night of Rosalia seemed predestined. In the pregala, his album received the distinction of best pop record. On the red carpet it became the center of admiration. And his performance, in which he performed Pallet Y With height , theme for which he received the award for best urban song.

We must recognize that neither she nor anyone reaped the fervor and emotion that Don Vicente Fernández, the true king of the rancheras, with his Return Return accompanied by his son Alejandro and his grandson Alex.

The appointments to the Most High were lavished from the first prize – best tropical music album – that Juan Luis Guerra received. "To Jesus, my God and savior," proclaimed the Dominican. Others followed. Bad Bunny, recognized for the best urban music, was “grateful to God” and annoyed with the organization because he marginalized reggaeton, “key genre of Latin music”, of the key awards.

Also Alejandro Sanz from Madrid, with three prizes and that the Catalan scepter discussed, remembered God and his mother – who died eight years ago and that day was his birthday – when he received his trophy for best recording, for My favorite person , next to Camila Cabello.

The loudest was Rosalia when collecting the jackpot.

"I'm in shock, it's the last thing that awaited me, I swear to God!" He exclaimed. He still explained the conditions of how they created the album, sitting on the floor, with two computers, a keyboard and a microphone, a year and a half, "I swear to God," he insisted. Rosalia became divine in Las Vegas.

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