April 10, 2021

"Rosalía and Los Chunguitos are in the same sauce" | Culture

"Rosalía and Los Chunguitos are in the same sauce" | Culture

His melodic ballad, with that air of suburban rumba, had never attracted so many people's attention at the same time. Nor had it ever sounded so solemnly before Rosalía He sang it last Saturday at the Goya awards gala, broadcast live on television and commented by thousands of people through social networks. The interpretation of the Catalan singer of I stay with you, an original composition of Los Chunguitos, starred in the most important event of Spanish cinema. Dressed in a very regal spirit by Cor Jove de l'Orfeó Català, I stay with you It became a sensation.

"It was a surprise. Damn, it was a big impact, "confesses José Salazar, member of Los Chunguitos. "I was amazed", adds Juan Salazar, the other chunguito. Neither of them knew anything about the version Rosalía was going to do, who had announced that she would play a classic without saying what it would be. "Its a classic. It's a well-known song, "says José Salazar. "But the best part was how he sang it. We were surprised, "he adds. And Juan adds: "It's a very nice version, it gives a very special roll, Rosalia has something special in her voice."

José Salazar was at home watching the gala on television when "suddenly" he got up from the couch. "He was so calm and boom. What a great joy I took when I saw that it was our song, "he says. They say that they would like to thank you in person, but, to date, they have not been able to do so. However, the Twitter profile of Los Chunguitos, led by his manager José Luis, thanked this applauded version on behalf of the group. That's how the tui used to sayt: "A big surprise to see # Goya2019 in #Tve and see this great artist @rosaliavt singing our song #Mequedocontigo. There is no better way to make it so beautiful !!, From now on we also stay with you Rosalia! You want to sing it together Rosalia & Chunguitos. "The girl has a lot of talent. So we want to sing it with her, "says José.

The Chunguitosthey do not want to know anything of possible controversies originated because Rosalía sang a gypsy composition being she paya. That which some have given in saying that it is cultural appropriation when the Barcelonian singer interprets flamenco compositions. "We do not care who sings it. It's a song and it has no more mystery. Anyone can sing it. And record it. We are very happy that Rosalía did it, "says Salazar. For his part, Juan says that he thinks that debate is "very bad". "It's bad manners, I do not like it, I'm proud that Rosalía is singing to us, it helps people to notice the music of the Chunguitos, the songs do not understand either races or ethnic groups," he says. And José adds: "Both Rosalía and Los Chunguitos are in the same sauce. Thank God".

Rosalía was not the first to cover this well-known theme of the duo, which for many years was a trio. Before the author of Badly, Antonio Vega, Manu Chao or María Rodés put their artistic personality at the service of this song with a classic scent. "Antonio Vega told us that the song was a jewel. But even a girl with two years likes it. And he also likes Los Chunguitos. How are we not going to like it? We are authentic and we sing about the problems that happen to people, "says Salazar.


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