August 11, 2020

Rosalia, a Kawasaki to follow

We will say the first, but we must insist: Rosalia has made herself. Until it becomes giant. He has raised, in doing so, too much noise around, no doubt. At this point everyone has an opinion about her. There are those who think that she has too much equipment, many choreographies and they want to see her as a cantaora jonda, with guitar and palm trees, but when she did she did not pay the least attention. They would prefer it to be in their corner, without disturbing. It's too late for those. Is your manicure debatable? Obvious. How many things can you question? The golden teeth that glowed last night in his mischievous smile, the red bow that hung in the middle of his white body and some other things. The voice last night sounded saturated in "A pallet" but if they did not understand it, this is the refrain that he said and that asks for passage in the Spanish pop encyclopedia: "Everything that I invented trill me. Tracksuit, gold, seal and mantilla. Remains of caviar in the dishes. My Kawasaki goes for Sigaiya. ” In Madrid, Rosalia caused delirium and looked superstar.

Some even in their desire for demerit speak of the role of El Guincho as if the Catalan did not have an apex of merit in the work that has catapulted her to glory and the answer can already be given by the Canarian producer, but she herself has offered it . The ideas of "El mal querer", the album that yesterday fired to let it rest and that time says, are his, something that is still difficult for some to accept. These are the things of success in Spain. She brings cool neighborhood art in "Let the moon not rise", minimalism in "Barefoot in the park" and the synthesizer making flamenco scales in "Curse." It is not possible that Díaz Freixa is the mind behind that "Catalina" to "capella" at the time of co-ecstasy or that the idea of ​​"Millonária", a rumba in Catalan, is a thing of the Canary. We will not spend another line talking about accents and appropriations. Another thing has been his overexposure, the cacophony of his name in the media and the commercial madness unleashed around him. Few blame can be attributed to it, but no doubt they have contributed to increasing the reactions against it. Therefore, the best decision of the artist is to let it be. But these things only happen once in a lifetime for an artist and Rosalia knows: “I want to tell you that this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in life. And I don't know if I will ever be able to sing in a place like that before so many people, ”he said to the 15,000 feverish fans that packed the Wizink Center. Rosalía builds her story based on her referents, on her own mestizo identity, on the street that is not supplanted and that is why her language is her own, another thing is not to get excited, to be understandable. And so vindicates the couplet, the rumba, the Rap, the motorcycles making noise and the rings of brilliant. And in that universe, if you go for a walk on the street there is reggaeton and there is Dominican or Puerto Rican accent, the one who last night stuck to the Catalan when he wanted to introduce Ozuna, who broke into to sing to “Yo x ti, tu x my". "If you know this theme, Madrid, sing it for the last time," Rosalia asked as an introduction to "Malamente", a song that has marked a generation. The staging was that of an overwhelming and perfectly greased spectacle although only an hour and twenty minutes before saying goodbye with the certainty of having lived an earthquake and with the big question of what will come next. He will have millions of eyes watching her.

Fever in the street

We had the audimeter turned off, but the decibels of the screaming were deafening. The passion for the Catalan artist was noticeable in the previous one, from many hours before the concert, when hundreds of people waited, some from a day before, when Rosalía arrived, sheltered and camped waiting for the star.


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