Rosa Montero: "We have a lot of suffering ahead of us" - La Provincia

The writer Rosa Montero, who publishes his new novel 'Good luck' (Alfaguara), believes that with the current crisis generated by the pandemic of coronavirus has not "hit bottom" yet and has warned that "there is much suffering ahead."

"We have not yet reached the bottom, we have all the hangovers from the brutal economic crisis that is going to come and we have a lot of suffering ahead of us. But also you have to have hope in the ability to be reborn and reinvent yourself and build an even better life than before the catastrophe ", the author explained in an interview with Europa Press.

In fact, Montero has pointed out how "in moments of fear" like the current crisis is when society "can become very radical." Before there was already a rather discouraging panorama of radicalization. Bad times and fear do not contribute to elaborate thinking, but rather to populisms and amorphous radicalizations without a structure of real ideas, "he added.

Montero wrote 'Good luck' before the pandemic - the idea came to him three years ago - and he does not think he will write in the short term about this disease, at least from an obvious point of view. "We have to digest it, if it comes out, it is very possible that it is a novel about something else, like talk about confinement and make a literary myth", he pointed out.

In his new novel, the protagonist is a mature man of some success that one day he decides to get off a train in the middle of a trip and istart a renewed life in a lost town. Montero has affirmed that this work is a parallel to how he sees life: a question of "survivors".

"These characters are survivors but without sparing the understanding and admission of the horror that exists in the world, which is a lot. But the older I am, the more I believe that the human being has the legendary capacity to be reborn as the Phoenix from its ashes", has explained, to add one more "match" to the current situation. "The character is confined and in a way it is talking about the human capacity to reinvent itself", has commented.

Chance is another of the issues that Montero addresses in his book, clarifying that bad luck exists, but "good luck is sought". "It is learning to look at life in a different way, making the appropriate choices in the face of what happens to you: what we can control is how to respond to what happens to us," she said.

The rural and the joy

The joy that some of the characters give off also considers Montero to be something to fight for. "Joy is a habit and trying to exercise this awareness of being alive. For me, those who think that ignorance is happiness, it seems to me that they go to a stupid topic. The wise man is one who understands the world around him better and better ", he defended.

The town of Pozonegro it serves as a context for a rural story too. On the one hand, Montero warns that this type of "bucolic" life is being "idealized", when the reality is "quite different". "But it is also catastrophic to let these towns empty out. And we already have many governments with a completely wrong development model, "he concluded.


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